Honolulu, HAWAII

Yup, we made it. Capitol number 50 on day 50.


We spent Monday around Los Angeles looking for different ways to get to Hawaii, but it was the guys from Fermata who came through and saved our dignity with only hours to spare. They organized a big party at Carpe DM, a bar in Simi Valley, just north of Los Angeles for us and arranged a percentage of the proceeds to buy us tickets to Honolulu.

It was about 1:00AM when they counted the money earned, called the airlines and booked us two return tickets to Hawaii, leaving at 8:45 AM from LAX. We celebrated late into the night with everyone at the party, knowing we were gonna accomplish our goal. Presuming we didn’t miss another flight.

Thankfully, this time we didn’t miss the flight.

Traffic on the 405 in LA this morning had other ideas, but we managed to get on the plane with about 10 minutes to spare and took off for Hawaii. Miho from the Waikiki Grand Hotel hooked us up with some rooms for us, the Golden Ticket winners, our friends and families. And Platinum Limousines set us up with a ride from the Airport to the capitol. Mary-Rachel, Kim, her husband Jay, Teresa and Lisa joined us at the capitol building for our final jump shots of the project and that was it.


So there you have it, Hitch 50 is complete. Thanks to the kindness of hundreds of strangers throughout North America we accomplished our goal today. First off, thank you to all 116 rides from Times Square to Honolulu. From cars to airplanes, trains to semi-trucks, boats to bikes, it’s the rides, and the people giving them which made Hitch 50 happen. Our shortest ride was Nathan in Atlanta, who set us up with an interview on CNN and our longest was Chris who drove from Houston through Austin to Oklahoma City. The point here is that all the rides are equally important, diverse and memorable. Thank you to everyone who put their lives on hold, took the day off work and welcomed us into your lives. Often welcoming us into your lives involved driving a few hundred miles in one direction to drop us off and drive back, alone on the same road. This is one of the things that amazes us most, how people will go long out of their way to help a stranger accomplish a goal. For this we thank everyone of you.

Another thank you to everyone who welcomed us into their homes. From mansions to college dorms, swanky urban lofts to trailer parks, tropical resorts to ice cream trucks, we’ve seen the diversity and cultural differences from every corner of the country. Staying in homes, meeting the people and living their lives is how we really got to know the people of America and what makes them unique. These experiences are definitely highlights of the trip and we hope to reciprocate the hospitality to all of you in the future.

We’ve spent the last 1200 hours traveling almost 24,000 miles, through 50 states, 3 countries and five time zones, our average speed for the past 50 days is just under 20 MPH. It seems like 1100 of these hours were spent talking with the people of America and hearing their stories. We never planned for this to be a sociology project, but as it evolved and as we began to see the differences and similarities of Americans the true underlie of America became clear. Political, religious and philosophical beliefs very from every region, but nothing is diverse as opinions on where the Mason Dixon line is. Really, we had 14 unique answers. Still not exactly sure of the correct one either.

The friendly rivalries between states, cities and colleges was always amusing to hear, and while people are different everywhere the common themes of kindness and unity are apparent in every corner of the country, but more than anything Americans are proud, and for good reason. The cultural and geographical diversity and beauty of this country is not matched anywhere in the world and is something to be very proud of. So when you hear the problems and troubles of the world, try to step back, focus on positivity and realize how good life is in America and how good the people of America are.

Now that we’re here it’s good to know we don’t need to get up in the morning and keep moving. While it’s been great, we’re looking forward to kickin’ back with friends and family in Hawaii. We’ll be hanging out here for a couple weeks now, so let us know if you’re in the area. After that we got no plans, but want to keep traveling and meeting the people of America and the world.

Anyone headed to Guam?

Scotty and Fiddy


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Hey it's Scotty. If you read the title of this blog post or watched the video then you already know the big news: WE DID IT!!! If you didn't read the title of this blog post or watch the video then I'll fill you in on the big news: WE DID IT!!!

Hey it's Fiddy now. I'm so excited that I'm even writing in italics! Yep this time Scotty does know: We just hitchhiked to 50 state capitals in 50 days. Tomorrow is going to be the best. Tomorrow is going to rule. We're going to celebrate like crazy...

...by not hitchiking to another state!

Hey it's Scotty again, don't worry, I'm just as excited as Fiddy, and I can personally guarantee that I'll celebrate just as hard as Fiddy tomorrow but I'll write in non-italics just so you don't get confused.

Good idea. I like it.

Thanks. I knew you would.

Hey Scotty.

What's up Fiddy?

Wanna go to Guam?

Yes. Yes I do.