Carson City, NV

While we were in Phoenix for Thanksgiving Jody was working hard to find us a way to Hawaii. She used to be a reservations agent for America West, so she was workin’ the phones trying to get us some flights to Hawaii or California. She couldn’t line up Hawaii, but her friend Chris did one better with RENO!

That’s right we got a flight from Vegas to the Poor Man’s Vegas. We finalized the details at about 6:30 AM on the phone with Jody for an 8:20 AM flight. We were set, a flight to Reno. So we fell asleep for a couple hours…

Falling asleep resulted in the classic Las Vegas miss your flight trick. Looking back, it had to be done to get the full Las Vegas experience. We rushed off to the airport in the morning and managed to transfer our tickets to the last two standby seats on a later flight. So, in the end we got to Reno a few hours later, but got a good story out of the deal.

Sean and Aaron drove into Reno from Sacramento to meet us. As we walked out of the terminal they were just pulling up. We got in and started the short drive to Nevada’s capital, Carson City.

Sean Perkey is easily one of the most interesting people of the trip and is working on a great web project. Sean weights 519 pounds and is working on losing 250 pounds. Check out his blog here: and see how he’s doing or offer him some support, cause it’s one of the more awesome projects ever.

We cruised into the Carson City, got some photos, realized not too much was going on in town and headed back towards Reno.


Sacramento, CA

We came back into Reno and searched for some dinner. Dinner came in the form of the biggest buffet we’ve ever seen. It was an entire banquet hall with one whole wall full of every kind of meat, vegetable and starch possible. Throughout the room were salad and dessert table scattered in every direction. We couldn’t possibly leave Nevada without tackling the 100 yard buffet. Don’t worry though, Sean kept to his diet. After the rest of us gained several pounds, it was back on the road and off to California.

On the way to Sacramento we finally got our first speeding ticket of the trip. It took almost 21,000 miles but we’re thankful it finally happened. Yeah, thankful for a ticket, no road trip would be complete without it.


Sean and Aaron took us into Sacramento, also known as the city of trees. Apparently Sacramento has the most trees per capita. At the capitol building they have one species of every tree from California somewhere on the capitol grounds, which is pretty cool. We celebrated this fact with a different jump shot for every species. We're getting pretty good at them by this point of the trip.


We dropped off Aaron in Sac-Town and headed for the bay. Sean was going to see some family in Danville, just south of Oakland, but took us south into Cupertino. Ty, a fan from day one had offered us a place to stay and was waiting for us to arrive. We met up, said bye to Sean and started thinking ahead to Hawaii.

49 done, one to go…

From the Bay to LA

Our bay area host, Ty just moved to Cupertino a few months ago, and is lovin’ it. He’s started his own PR company in the south bay area and is working hard to make it happen. Check out his site here and give him a call.

Sunday morning we went out for breakfast in Cupertino with Ty and waited for our next ride, Bliss.

Bliss may just be the most eccentric person we’ve met. We realized when she showed up wearing blue coveralls with a dashboard covered in rubber reptiles while blasting trashy techno. Her personality came through right away and we knew it would be a fun afternoon. The fun afternoon started right away with the idea of “The Broom Game”. The broom game involves holding a broom above your head, spinning around 30 times, putting the broom down and jumping over it.

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After The Broom Game we sat down for a bit, said bye to Ty and headed south to Santa Barbara. Bliss is another fan from day one, and holds the record for most emails sent to us. I'm gonna guess about 120. She's also a grad student in Santa Barbara, on her way back south after Thanksgiving. She's a proud Vermont girl caught out in California, counting the days until she can get back east.

Bliss entertained us by missing exits, screaming randomly at cars, eating food which gives her stomach aches, complaining about traffic while in traffic, asking real random questions, texting us from 20 feet away and taking us to the outlet shops.

Here she is caught in her car door.


We stopped in Santa Barbara to see some of Bliss' friends before continuing south to the Los Angeles area.

We're currently in Simi Valley staying with Roy and Chris, getting ready for a big finish to Hitch50. We'll be around the LA area on Monday, looking for different ways to get us to Hawaii for Tuesday. Midnight Tuesday local Hawaii time is the deadline to be in Honolulu, so the clock is quickly ticking away. If you have ANY offers or leads for Hawaii please give us a call at 310.494.8058 or send us an email

Regardless of what happens Monday during the day, Monday night is the Hitch50, Day 49 party here in Simi Valley. We're having a big event put on by the band Fermata to try and find us a way to Hawaii, so come on out, hang out and have some fun.

Here's everything you need to know:

Where: Carpe DM Bar
When: Monday Nov 27 2006 8:00 PM
Most specific where: 5710 E. Los Angeles Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93063 - map
Cost: $10

Check out the band: Fermata