ARIZONA, but not Phoenix

We got ourselves back to the Estados Unidos in Arizona and decided to head back to New Mexico. Yeah we know, we took the long way round to get to Phoenix.

Mike and John had been waiting to meet us near the Arizona/New Mexico state line. We met up at a truck stop, said goodbye to Jim and headed for Tucson.


Mike, John and Ken are all openly addicted to skydiving. They first went a few months ago and got hooked. So now they’re seeing everything in life differently, and by that I mean they look at their material belongings, think about how much they can sell it for and how much time in the air that money can get them. Ken is even moving back in with his mom to afford more jumps.

They took us out to their local coffee shop on Tuesday night to meet up with some friends then out on the town. Some local artists Paul and Jenn gave us handcrafted gifts. It was immediately clear that this coffee shop brought a lot of good people together and we felt right at home. We had a good time with everyone and after all was said and done we found ourselves in the hills outside Tucson at 4:00 AM with about 10 people checking out the silhouettes of mountains and giant Saguaro cacti against the backdrop of the black sky and millions of stars.



The next day we got going out of Tucson and headed towards Phoenix. John, Mike and Ken had been trying to set us up to go skydiving, but after many phone calls it was clear it wasn’t happening. We still went out to the drop zone and did this though:

We said bye to Ken at the drop zone in the Arizona desert and continued through the traffic jams into Phoenix with John and Mike.