A million miles from monday

A few days ago some people sent us the link to one of the best travel/surfing projects ever: www.surfing50states.com

This is Jonno and Stefan, two Aussie blokes traveling to all 50 states and surfing in each one. I think we can all agree that’s the most awesome thing you’ll hear today. They’ve been around the great lakes for the past few days, surfing on Lake Michigan, and were staying in Chicago on Tuesday night. We got in touch with them and organized a ride to Springfield.

The fun started right when we met them. They got an ice cream truck from their sponsors, but it has some battery problems. So here we are, on State St. in Chicago, no room for cars to pull over, no jumper cables, no chance of moving anytime soon. Or so you’d think. It was a team effort of pushing the truck around to make room for a car, pulling a car over in front of the van, finding jumper cables and hooking them up. But they weren’t long enough. No problem, find another set, link em’ together and we’re in business.

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After we successfully revived the truck we set off to Springfield. Jonno and Stefan have such a good setup: an ice cream truck full of surfboards, energy drinks, sweet hats and a massive sound system. The ice cream truck song even works. They originally had the idea to travel to all 50 states in 50 days, but wanted to spend a longer time in America. So they came up with the idea of surfing in each state over a six-month period. How will they manage to surf in every state? Better check out their site: www.surfing50states.com

The noisy, crowded van cruised into Springfield Wednesday evening and straight to the capitol building. Our new Aussie friends got in on some capitol building jump shots in the pouring rain.



One of Illinois state mottos is “A million miles from Monday”. While today was only a couple days away, it felt like much more than a million miles away. Thanks for the good times boys, and have fun out east.