Pierre, SD

At 8:00 AM we awoke to a light tapping on the hotel room door. It continued for a couple minutes before I got up to see what was going on. It was Karsen, she came to see if we were coming swimming. Two minutes later we’re in the pool with the Karsen, Josh and Jeff. As you can expect Marco Polo was a hit, and so was jump shots into the pool.


After swimming Jeff bought us breakfast in the hotel, then we headed over to the South Dakota state capitol building. We were told it would be nothing more than a trailer, or an old laundromat. This excited us all, but unfortunately it turned out to be a real building. It’s actually a replica of the Montana state capitol building. At least there’s a typo in the state name on the front doorway.

By this time Crissy, our next ride, had arrived from Rapid City to get in on some jump shots from capitol number 36.


Before leaving and saying goodbye, we got our best jump shot yet with the Anue family. Say guys, that might even make a nice Christmas card.