Victoria, British Columbia....Canada?

It’s a capital, not a state capital, but a provincial capital. So it doesn’t count against our 50 capitals in 50 days, but why not inject some international capital flavor into the project?

So why are we here? It’s time to graduate from university. This afternoon is our graduation ceremony at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia. We know, it’s pretty crazy to take a day off to do this in the middle of our project, but we wanted to make mom proud. Hopefully this won't come back to bite us near the end of the project.

Linda and Erica saved the day again. The overwhelmingly generous duo from Alaska/Horizon Airlines scored us some free passes this morning from Seattle to Victoria.

After landing in Victoria we hitched a ride with the local news van from A-Channel Victoria. Howard and Kirk interviewed us in the back of the van while we drove to the ceremony. Photos and videos from this are coming sometime tomorrow.

I’m sure lots of good photos and stories are on their way from today and tonight. But for now Steve McKay needs a job. He’s creative, lanky and a pumpkin carving champion. Can you help him out?

So we’re returning to Seattle tomorrow and getting back on track. We are looking to go to Salem, Oregon through Olympia, WA. It’s the weekend, anyone heading that way?

Time to go find a gown and mortarboard…

GRAD jumper

Castle grad