Alaska is awesome

We still don't have a ride out of Alaska worked out. The scenery here is making it less and less appealing to ever get one.

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That's right -- we're leaving Alaska. Erica and Linda from Alaska Airlines saw our situation and jumped into action. They set us up with two free standby tickets from Juneau to Seattle.

We arrive at SEA-TAC at 11:17 PM tonight, presuming a wave of people don't buy tickets and bump us off the flight. Anyone in Seattle looking for a couple house guests tonight?

Tomorrow we need to be in Victoria, British Columbia by 1:00PM for our graduation ceremony at Royal Roads University.

Anyone got any ideas or offers to get us there?

The ole' cell phone will be working again this evening 310.494.8058

Oh ya, Alaska was good.


Really good. More on that later.


Juneau, AK

First off congratulations to Josh and Rachel from Gulfport, MS. They had a baby girl a couple days ago. Way to go guys.

Now, back to Alaska. Sorry to all the other capitals we've been to, but Juneau is the best yet.

We awoke today to a perfect sunny day, apparently a rare sight around here in November. After doing some interviews in the hotel we got out to have look around Alaska's capital. The city is positioned on the ocean with a towering mountain range behind. Across the water is another mountain range, making the city of Juneau accessible from air or water only. It’s an absolutely amazing setting for a city. The people of Juneau are fortunate to have their secluded city in such an amazing part of the world. And all the people we met were so friendly too. I think we had about half the town looking for ways for us to get back to the lower 48 by the end of the day.

At the capitol building this morning we met Dixie and Leon. Originally from Texas, Dixie beat us to the punch on all 50 state capitals. Juneau is number 50. She chuckled while saying "the only difference is, I did it in 50 years, not 50 days". They were nice, but we couldn't convince them to do some jumpshots. Even Brian came to interview us for the local paper, the Juneau Empire.


In the afternoon we went to check out the Mendenhall Glacier, about 15 miles out of town. Pretty amazing place, a huge ice field and glacier winding through massive peaks, ending at a lake, flanked by a roaring waterfall on one side.

If you don't get the hint there's lots of good photos from today here.

After a couple hours in the Mendenhall area we hitched back to town.


The Jeep in the background is Hanni pulling over. She's a nice local girl, back for couple months from Japan where she teaches english. She dropped us off at KTOO, a local radio station that was working hard to find us a ride out of town.

The prospects of leaving Juneau today were looking slim. That's where Erica and Linda came to save the day. They are both Alaska Airlines employees who offered the same deal this afternoon: two free standby tickets to Seattle. I think we ended up using Linda's, but they both get credit for such a generous gift.

We accepted the offer, quickly packed our gear and headed to the airport. After a run in with the local wildlife we were off to Seattle.

Wait, one last Alaska photo...