Ketch us if you kan!

We are now in Ketchikan, Alaska refueling our little Cessna before we head to Juneau for the night. The GPS doesn't have a signal up here, so you'll have to trust us that we are actually here. Or better yet, meet us for a nice steak dinner in Juneau later tonight.


Hey everyone,

Our cell phone doesn't work here in AK. The Bergmann Hotel in Juneau was kind enough to give us a free room, and that's where you can reach us. Dial 907-586-1690 ask for room 7, or dial 107 if you get to the hotel voice mail.

Otherwise leave a message on our cell phone and we'll check the voice mail.

Email is best though.

Also, we can fly with Trevor and Josh from today to Anchorage before 10AM. Should we go??


Kevin’s wife Jill made us a yummy home cooked breakfast in Seattle this morning, and she even brown bagged some sandwiches for our big day of flying. We were gonna put a picture of her here, but she has her eyes closed and would get mad at us. I guess we'll have to go back to Seattle to get another picture.

Kevin drove us to Silverdale, a small community west of Seattle to meet our flight. The airport was difficult to find, and for good reason, it’s in some guy’s back yard. But we managed, and met up with Trevor and Josh to prepare the plane. The four of us climbed aboard the Cessna 207 and took off for the seven-hour flight.

Trevor and Josh are starting a tour and charter business in Alaska called Arctic Aces. They are working on the web site now and we’ll make sure to link them when it's up and running. Until then, remember the name Arctic Aces.

We’ve had some pretty awesome rides on this trip, but today’s was miles above the others. Clear weather, low altitude, big mountains and good people made for an amazing time. The coastal mountains of British Columbia and the Alaskan panhandle rise straight out of the Pacific Ocean, towering above remote fjords and stretching inland over the horizon. The coastline is almost completely deserted, leaving the area absolutely pristine. We figured tourists pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for similar sight seeing trips. Not a bad score we got ourselves here.


After a quick stop to refuel we continued on to Alaska’s capital, Juneau. Trevor and Josh went off to work for the night on their new business while we scored a free room at the Bergmann Hotel.

Fiddy thinks it's fun to travel in Alaska during November without a jacket, so he was cold for the flight, and even colder in town. Good times. We were sent the song in this video but a young up-and-comer Bike. We think it's pretty good. If anybody else wants to rap about us...don't be shy.

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But wait, there’s more to our situation. On Friday at 1:00 PM is our University graduation ceremony at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia. Now, we want to be there, the school wants us to be there, and our parents want us to be there.

Anyone got any ideas how can we get there?

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