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We're on an airplane now. Stay tuned to find out where we'll land...

Scotty and Fiddy

Columbus, Ohio

On Tuesday morning we received an irresistible offer. But we had to make it to Columbus, Ohio. It was now 10AM and we were four hours away in Lexington, Kentucky. The offer expired at 6:45PM, so the clock was ticking.

We scoured our ride offers, called any leads, but it was all dead ends. Fiddy even got a hair cut, but this didn’t help anything. We knew time was running short, so we had to act quickly. Lloyd let us take the Geo a little north of the city to the interstate 75 junction. We parked it there, packed our bags and put out the thumbs. The time was now 11AM.

Cinci hitchCinci hitch

With pizza box signs we stood on the side of I-75 for almost two hours before our ride revealed itself. Charles, a camera shy Cincinnati resident finally stopped and helped us out. Charles says he likes to help out people, and will always do what he can. He dropped us off in Covington, just south of Cincinnati to wait for our next ride.

Greg called earlier in the day and said that he lives in Cincinnati, and could take us from there to Columbus. We were greeted by two friendly, smiling faces peering out of a Volvo in a parking lot in south Cincinnati. The time was now about 3PM, it looked like we would make it on time.

Greg and his girlfriend Tori are both Cincinnati residents, going to school and slangin' pastry.

Battling time and traffic we made a quick stop at the downtown Columbus state house to get some photos. The capital was actually pretty anti-climactic as the dome is removed for renovations, ma

Columbus Tori Scotty Greg 1

The time was nearing 6PM when we left the capitol building, we needed to step on it, but Columbus traffic had other thoughts. Greg showed off his best taxi driving skills, weaving in and out of traffic, ducking into back streets and through short cuts. It paid off and we arrived at the airport with 20 minutes to spare. After a quick goodbye we walked inside, checked in and got on our flight.

What are you doing in Seattle?

Everyone remember Scott and Sharon Christen? If you don’t they were ride number 22. The Pennsylvania couple picked us up in Philadelphia a couple weeks ago, then drove to Trenton, New Jersey and Dover, Delaware. Well, there’s more to the story than we previously revealed. Scott works for Southwest airlines and generously gave us two free one-way tickets anywhere they fly. Thanks Scott.

For the record, flying is within our boundaries of hitchhiking. We are not allowed to pay for any transportation, but are open to any means of transportation.

So here we are on the West Coast. The last time we slept was in Nashville, that was five states ago. Kevin Halls was supposed to pick us up at the airport, but got caught up with Halloween activities, so he send a limo service to get us. Not a bad welcome to the Northwest. Kevin even let us try out his Acura NSX.


So why did we choose to use our free flights to go to Seattle? Check back tomorrow...

North to Alaska!


The picture at the bottom of this post is us with Josh and Trevor from Arctic Aces, a small tour and cargo company out of Alaska. These two guys are kind enough to take us on a scenic plane ride. To Alaska. That's why we relocated so abruptly from the midwest. This was a ride offer we couldn't refuse.

But there's a catch, it's a one way trip to Juneau. We have no idea how we'll get back to the lower 48. Got any ideas?

Maybe we can try out our awesome moves to get out of Juneau:

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Or Fiddy might actually have to learn how to swim:

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(note: the GPS map might not work until we find a way back from Alaska!)

Thanks Josh and Trevor!

Josh Trevor Fiddy Scotty