Calling your name Ohio

Several posts coming shortly from a very big day yesterday. Very long too, actually it's still going.

But for now, we need to get to Columbus Ohio by 6PM. We'll be catching a flight then. Stay tuned for more details on where we're going...

We're now in the horse capital of the world, Lexington, Kentucky. It's 9:00 AM EST and need your help.


Have a very spooky Halloween!

Scotty and Fiddy

Dual Dominic

Around 5 AM Monday morning we were awoken by an excited voice, saying “Hey, I’m in Knoxville, I can be in Nashville to get you in a little over three hours.” Without knowing what I was agreeing to I said “okay”, hung up and returned to sleep.

Around 8 AM we were warned that Dominic was getting close. We got ready and went out to meet him. To our surprise we got two Dominic’s; a father and son combo.

Domenic and his son, Domenic took us away from Nashville into the eastern hills of Tennessee. The drive was amazing, more hills covered in trees alive with orange, red, brown and crimson colors.

Dominic is originally from Arizona, and has traveled to many states over the years. He is also a skilled critic of fast food restaurants. He usually goes for Jack-in-the-box, but we’ve already tried Jack, however we’ve never tried Krystal. Dominic insisted on taking us there, to get the full experience. After a greasy lunch, a heaping pile of garbage and a stiffening heart burn our experience was complete.

We made our way back to Dominic’s new house in Oak Ridge to meet his wife Shanda and their other son Mikkel. Dominic and Shandy just bought their first house, only three days ago. It even came equipped with a pool table. We had a game, but it turned into their sons throwing the balls back and forth, much more fun to watch than us playing.



Our Tennessee experience was topped off with a generous cultural gift from a local merchant. John gave us our first taste of Moonshine. When he heard we hadn't tried shine he simply reached under the counter and passed us a bottle. Fueling the stereotypes.


After an amazing Tennessee experience with Domenic, his family and his friends we headed to Kentucky.

Monday Night Lights

Domenic dropped us off in Williamsburg just north of the Kentucky/Tennessee border. We said goodbye and walked to the highway on-ramp. After a few short minutes of hitchin’ a nice new Nissan pulled over. We jumped in and met Ray. We got talking and Ray loved the idea of Hitch 50, enough to invite us to come see the local football game. We agreed without knowing the magnitude of the game.

We arrived at the field to realize there were two games going on; two championship games. This was the South-East Kentucky Middle School Championships. What a sweet deal. We were kicking ourselves a bit because we missed the St. Louis Cardinals winning the world series while we were about three hours away in Branson, but we get two championship games here, so it turned out alright.

Ray has two sons, Raymond and Ryan, who both play football, but not in this league. But Ray is the PA announcer at the game, so we had VIP access. Ray’s wife Carol set us up with some burgers, introduced us to the locals and we were set. Ray even made a PA announcement about us and our Hitch 50 project. The friendly Kentucky crowd of about 500 greeted us with a huge round of applause. I don’t think we’d get that kind of welcome in St. Louis.


The first game ended with the Corbin Redhounds beating the Meece Briar Jumpers 14-12, but it was the second game that stole the show. These kids are only in grade 8, but they can sure play. The hometown North Laurel Jaguars have never been ranked first, and have never won the championship game, but they were poised today.

The game against the Clay County Raiders was intense and the crowd was buzzing. Watching the crowd was almost as fun as watching the game. Every person in the crowd showed such pride for their team, their relatives and their friends. The old man sitting beside me was the strong silent type, but his emotion broke through with quick flinches of his arms and a gleaming smile every time is grandson took the ball and ran over the opponents. The little girl at the front of the bleachers with the painted face proudly danced back and forth waving a home made cardboard sign saying “#43 is my brother”. This may not be the big leagues, but seeing the emotion and humanity of this small Kentucky town was a much greater experience than we could have imagined.

The final score was 12-0 for the hometown Jaguars. The entire town celebrated with the team on the field after the clock hit zero. Congratulations guys, you deserve it.

Ray and FamilyChamps 1

Frankfort Kentucky

Lloyd and Warren drove about an hour south to meet us at the football game. They arrived in good timing and saw the celebration festivities.

After the game we took Warren’s BMW up to Kentucky’s small capitol, Frankfort. Warren even gave us a good sample of Kentucky music from his family’s collection. Both Lloyd and Warren are from Hazzard, southern Kentucky. Ya, like that show, Dukes of Hazzard. They’re from Hazzard.

Franfort Sign 2

After the capitol in Frankfort we headed back to Lexinton to figure out our next move.

Frankfort, KY 6Frankfort, KY 7

Charleston, West Virginia

We returned to Lloyd’s house in Lexington after we viewed the Frankfort capitol. The time was almost 1AM, but we were pumped to keep going. In Lloyd’s living room we scoured our ride offers list for anything that could get us closer to West Virginia. Next we tried Lloyd’s CB radio. In his Jeep, parked next to the highway Lloyd put on his best southern drawl “Hey y’all who’s got their ears on, anyone going east to West Virginia tonight, common back now y’all”. The CB idea, which seemed like a good one at first turned into a game of listening to the ridiculous conversations and accents from the CB conversations and putting in our two cents where we felt worthy. The idea didn’t get us a ride, but it was pure entertainment.

It looked like the night was over, but Lloyd came through with the mother of all offers. He pointed across the street to a dented, green Geo. “That car’s there is mine, I paid $50 bucks for it and don’t give a damn what happens to it. It’s got a full tank of gas, you guys are free to take it.” Wait, did we just get a car given to us? Well, no, but we had free reign of the Geo for the night. Having a full tank of gas, it fit within our rule of not being allowed to pay for any transportation. We sealed the deal on the hood, packed our bags and got in. Lets just pause for a moment and thank Lloyd, who is possibly the most generous guy in the whole USA. Thanks Lloyd.

Llyod and Scotty 2

It was a feeling of freedom behind the wheel. We were off to West Virginia, cruising through the night, controlling our destiny for the first time on the trip. After a stop at Waffle House, and some energy drinks to fend off sleepy thoughts we made the West Virginia line, and then the capital, Charleston.

Charleston was fun, but for the first time we didn’t have anyone to share the experience with. But we kept ourselves entertained. Fiddy even went through the whole state of West Virginia blindfolded. He's been there, but never seen it.


After having a look around our 27th capitol building we made the sleep deprived journey back to Lexington, Kentucky, arriving at about 10AM.

Trail of Crime Across America #7

In the state of West Virginia a person can be put in jail for up to six months for making fun of somebody who does not accept a challenge. Obviously Fiddy doesn't have a single ounce of respect for the laws of the Mountain State.