A trail of crime across America #6

In the state of Oklahoma it is illegal to make what would be considered "ugly faces" at dogs. Sometimes you can't help it, you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Do you have a picture of yourself making an ugly face at a dog? Send it to hitch50@gmail.com.

Away from OK

Tulsa Oklahoma loves custard. Driving around the city we noticed an unusually large amount of custard stands. Apparently they don’t care for ice cream or even fudge,preferring custard instead. Not really sure why custard is better, or what custard is, but that’s how they role in Tulsa. I guess that gives us another good reason to go back to Tulsa. To try the custard.

Justin took the day off work to drive us north into Kansas. Justin is a cool guy. He's only 22, but has achieved more than most 40 year olds. He's even talking about getting a doctorate in cognitive psychology. Check out his web site definitely a good guy to know if you are involved in the tech industry, or any other industry for that matter.

We left Tulsa and headed north for Topeka...

Topeka, Kansas

Directions are easy in the plains. It's flat and all the towns in the plains are easily identified by a giant water tower with the name of the town on it. Somehow we still managed to get lost. However, we did find the giant TOPEKA water tower this afternoon.

We rolled up to the capitol building and made an executive decision:

We celebrated our new image with a little trip to Taco John's. I'm skeptical about the name "Taco John's", doesn't sound very Mexican. Maybe "Taco Juan's" would be better? I dunno, John doesn't really imply any Mexican or other south of the border images.

Taco John's

Apparently this cut-out cost $700, I doubt it, but the woman working behind the counter insisted it was. To bad, we wanted to write Kansas City on it and hit the side of the highway.

Kansas City

It took no more than 30 seconds after leaving Kansas and entering Missouri before Scotty proclaimed "Guys I don't think we're in Kansas anymore". Painful.

We did a little more painting the town red today too. In other words we got lost, or took the scenic route. But when we got on track Garret was waiting to meet us in the south end of Kansas City.

Garret took us to his house to meet his family and hang out for a bit. Our new look was a hit, his cats even got in on the action.

Black and WhiteScotty Garret Fiddy

Garret then took us to get some famous Kansas City barbecue and we headed for Missouri's capital: Jefferson City.