Don't mess with Texas

Russell decided to blow off work and drive us into Texas. Russell thought he could be sneaky and pull the wool over his boss’ eyes; but we forgot his boss was able to track us through the GPS on the web site. Oops, didn’t mean to get you in any trouble Russ. Also, thanks for the Sony VAIO, really appreciate it. Let us know if you can find the power supply though.

We still can’t believe how well rides are working out. We’ll get dropped off in a town and need another ride. Often thinking we’re gonna be stuck and nothing is looking good. Then the phone rings and the person on the other end of the line offers to take us on to the next city.

This happened with our next ride, Heather. Russell could take us to Beaumont, about 75 miles from Houston, but we had no idea how to get into Houston. As we were literally walking out the door we received an email from Heather saying “Well, hell ya, I can pick ya’ll up in Beaumont”. Perfect, a ride, and she sounds like a true Texan.

We we’re rollin’ deep in Heather’s SUV all the way into Houston where we met up with Chris. The day before Chris called and said bluntly “Hey, I took the week off. I’ll get you guys in Houston, stay at my buddy’s place in Austin, party on 6th street and we’ll go up to Oklahoma City the next day. When can you be here?” Now, we had several offers from Houston to Austin, but Chris wasn’t about to accept a no, or even a maybe. Chris lives in Houston and runs a poker web site. Check it out here.

After checking out the beautiful scenery of Pasadena’s refineries we were off to Austin, or 20th capital. We got some timely assistance from our fans for directions. On the way to Austin Chris took a wrong turn, within one minute we had two phone calls telling us we took the wrong highway and we’re headed away from Austin.

Thanks for the help ya’ll.

Texas sized capitol

Things are big in Texas. The land, the cars, the food and the capitol building. In true Texas fashion the capitol building is the largest of all the 50 states. One could even say it's grand.

Chris’ friend Ashley met us at the capitol building and offered a place to stay in her new home, with her terrorizing terrier, Monty. Even Juan, from the local NBC affiliate joined us at the Capitol building too. Here he is going straight to the source.


The clip from our interview will be posted shortly.

Ashley led us back to her house in the southern suburbs. After meeting up with some more friends and getting some food we headed for Austin’s 6th street area. People have been hyping up Austin to us over the past couple weeks, and fortunately it lived up to its hype of being an young, exciting, vibrant town. If your looking for somewhere fun to be in Texas, you can’t go wrong with Austin.

We recieved several emails asking if we slept in a field. On the GPS map it looked like we we’re staying in the middle of a field, however a new home now stands in the area. We even slept in it, well a bit between Monty's barking fits and biting attempts. In the morning we got ready to hit the road again. That is after a stop at Ihop.

After Austin it was off to Oklahoma.


We painted the town red upon arriving in Oklahoma City. In other words we got lost and the GPS tracking recorded it all. But we finally found the capitol building and got our shots. Capital number 21, day 16.

OKC jumper

Justin and Brian came and met us in Oklahoma City. After a dinner in the Bricktown district of Oklahoma City we parted ways with Chris and headed to Tulsa. Before we go on lets all pause and thank Chris. He shattered the distance record for all drivers, taking us from Houston to Austin to Oklahoma City.

After dinner we went to check out the Oklahoma City bombing memorial. It was an incredibly sobering and moving moment. The memorial consists of 168 eerily beautiful chairs eluminated within trees and grass, set against a large reflecting pool. Each chair representing a victim of the April 1995 tragedy. Acrosss the reflecting pool is the 'survivor tree', which miraculously survived the bombings and the fires which ensued. At each end of the pool is a large monument displaying the times 9:01 and 9:03. 9:02 was the time when the horrific event occurred.


After the memorial we headed for Tulsa, Oklahoma. I thought we were rolling deep in Heather’s SUV, but Justin’s Denali was rollin’ real deep, maybe even rollin’ dirty. Cushy leather heated seats, lots of leg room, wireless internet and it even has a DVD player so we can watch our favorite movie: Earnest Goes To Camp.

Justin and Brian took us to the center of the universe. It's this concrete walkway across train tracks in downtown Tulsa. The shape of the concrete walls make ones voice echo, but only in one spot, and only to the person speaking. Pretty cool stuff, if you're in Tulsa find the center of the universe and try it out.

We were still in shock from the echo producing anomoly that we had just been introduced to when a figure stepped forward from the shadows. It turned out he was a local homeless poet named Wes who offered to write us a short poem. It's safe to say he earned a few dollars for this performance.