Here's the media appearances we've made.

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Nov 30 - KITV Honolulu Hawaii

Nov 30 - Vancouver Province
Nov 29 - CFUN radio Vancouver
Nov 29 - CBC Freestyle
Nov 29 - MSNBC

Nov 15 - 94.3 Buddy FM Rushville IN
Nov 15 - 97.9 Hank FM
Nov 15 - 99.3 The Fox Norfolk VA
Nov 15 - Aloha Magazine
Nov 15 - Buzz Canuck
Nov 13 - Seattle P-I blog
Nov 13 - WCCO St. Paul

Nov 13 - Helena Independent Record
Nov 10 - The Citizen - Kipling Saskatchewan
Nov 8 - The Tri-City News
Nov 5 - Portland OR - KEX AM1190
A Channel Victoria BC - Nov 3

Nov 3 - Radio Earth
Nov 3 - KQ98
Nov 2 - Vancouver Province
Hitch50 Province Nov2 2006 copy
Nov 2 - CNN pipeline

Nov 2 - Smorgasbord
Nov 2 - Alaska Tourism
Nov 2 - Hitch-Hikers
Nov 2 - KINY Radio
Nov 2 - Brave New Traveler
Nov 1 - KTOO Radio - Juneau
Nov 1 - CoastAlaska - Juneau Radio
Nov 1 - digg
Nov 1 - KCAW Raven Radio - Sitka, Alaska
Nov 1 - 1410 CFUN Vancouver
Nov 1 - College Humor
Oct 26 - CNN Pipeline

Oct 26 - Blogging Pro
Oct 25 - KXAN Austin Texas
Oct 21 - CNN Pipeline

Oct 19 - MSNBC "Most"
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Oct 19 - Times Colonist Victoria
Oct 19 - MSNBC "Most"
MSNBC logo

Oct 30 - KABC 790AM Los Angeles - Mr. KABC
Oct 23 - KABC 790AM Los Angeles - Mr. KABC
Oct 19
USA Today
Oct 17 - Annapolis Capital - Oct 17
Oct. 17 - Rock 98 Baltimore
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Oct 16 - KABC 790AM Los Angeles - Mr. KABC
Oct 10
Oct 10 - FREE FM NYC (The Doghouse with JV and Elvis)

Oct 10 - Gorillamask
Oct 10
Maxim Radio
Oct 9 - KABC 790AM Los Angeles - Mr. KABC
Oct 9 - WZMR 104.9 The Edge Albany, NY
Oct 9 - KQRX West Texas Radio Group
Oct - Nanaimo Times Nanaimo
Oct - RRU Alumni Newspaper Victoria
Oct - Florida State University Newspaper
Oct 9 - Playboy Radio
Oct 9 - Fark
Oct 9 - Digg
Oct 9 - WEBN 102.7 FM Cincinnati "The Dawn Patrol"
Oct 9 - WRQT La Crosse Wisconsin
Oct 9 - HOT 93 Rapid City South Dakota
Oct 9 - AM800 CKLW "Morning Drive"
Oct 9 - 106.7 KKND New Orleans "Morning Train Wreck"
Oct 9 - WGN Chicago Overnights
Oct 9 - CKLW


Josh and Rachel let us stay in their new home in Gulfport, MS. They moved to the area just over a year ago, interesting timing with hurricane Katrina lurking in the area...

Rachel is eight and a half months pregnant, and still allowed Josh to take off for the day with us. Thank you Rachel.

Josh and Rachel live just moments away from the Gulfport shore disaster area. The Gulfport area of Mississippi was hit hard last year from hurricane Katrina, real hard. The waterfront area is absolutely devastated. Josh took us in the morning to tour the disaster area. Once the waterfront was a bustling area with casinos, shops, beautiful houses filled with residents and tourists. Now all that remains is concrete foundation slabs where the houses once stood, clusters of FEMA trailers where the residents now live and cracked, split and shattered roads, trees and buildings. It’s chilling to stand in these areas and imagine the power of the storm that caused the devastation.


However, the area is being reborn. Houses are being rebuilt, casinos are being restored and the residents are courageously returning. People like Josh and Rachel are movin' in.

After touring the Mississippi shoreline Josh took us north to our 18th capital, Jackson, Mississippi. We made a quick stop at the capitol building and got some good jump shots with Josh.



The Big Easy

Josh’s loud Jeep took us next to the bumpy roads of Louisiana. We went to check out New Orleans before going to Louisiana’s capital Baton Rouge. Driving south into New Orleans was one of the best roads ever. The elevated highway stretches for about 40 miles through the Bayou. You pass over little houses, shops and other buildings scattered throughout the waterways. All the rust covered buildings below are boat access only and look like they are barely held together.

We arrived in New Orleans and met up with Russell and Ryan. Along with Josh, the five of us toured the sights of New Orleans’ French Quarter.

It was tempting on so many levels to stay in New Orleans for a few days, but we had to keep moving.

Baton Rouge, LA

After a few hours in New Orleans we promised we’d come back for more than an evening, then headed to Baton Rouge, our 19th capital.

The capitol building is impressive, it’s the tallest capitol building of all 50. But what’s even more impressive is Fiddy living up to a promise. In August 2004, at the Hacienda hotel in Santa Monica, CA Fiddy promised Retired Movie Star Dave Leroux that he would visit Baton Rouge, LA before his 25th birthday. A contract was made, signed and witnessed. Retired Movie Star Dave Leroux kept the contract in his wallet for years and constantly reminded Fiddy of the deal. Well, Fiddy turns 25 in March of 2007, and he can now safely say he has visited Baton Rouge. A man of his word.



Coincidentaly, it is illegal to make a false promise in Lousisiana. Looks like for once Fiddy isn't on the wrong side of the law.

A trail of crime across America #5

Within New Orleans city limits "Fancy Bike Riding" is prohibited. The only problem is Scotty, Josh, and Terry (who supplied the bike) only know one way to do things...fancy.