Last night Nathan called at about 11:00. He said he worked in the satellite department at in Atlanta. Apparently he and his co-workers have been monitoring our progress since day one. Nathan was excited to see we were in Atlanta and offered to show us around the CNN studio. We agreed without hesitation.

He picked us up outside Bob’s early this morning and took us down to the CNN world headquarters. After getting security clearance he took us to the floor where much of the world gets its news.

It was funny walking around wearing our Scotty and Fiddy shirts. They have on the back and many workers took notice. After several minutes of walking around the news floor we noticed many of the employee’s computer screens had our web site loaded on them. We were even asked to pose for pictures by several of the workers. That’s what I call direct advertising.

We tried for a couple hours to show our faces around the studio and get ourselves on TV. Scotty even tried going straight to the source. Nathan introduced us to several producers and others who are in the business of writing history. They listened as we pitched our story to many of them and walked them through our web site. Our persistence landed us a six and a half minute spot on CNN.

Nathan, thank you. Thank you very much.

Stars fell on Alabama

Teo and his mother Eloina picked us up outside the CNN building after our interview this afternoon. We jumped in and headed to Alabama.

The mother and son team are originally from Venezuela, and have been living in Atlanta for several years. Teo was actually the first person to call our phone and offer us a ride, over two weeks ago. Teo's eagerness to participate even involved packing food, drinks and comedy CDs for the drive to Montgomery.

During the whole ride with Teo and Eloina we were using Teo's video camera to document the ride and our memories together. Teo, who works for , a film production studio with tones of great ideas, is gonna make us short clip for us about our time together. Stay tuned for the video.

We arrived in Alabama's capital, Montgomery in the late afternoon. Our 16th capital in 11 days. We didn't have any rides set up, and the prospects of making it to Tallahassee this evening were looking bleak. One timely phone call fixed all our problems. Steve, from Live 102, a local radio station called to do an interview. Scotty went on the air and talked with Steve about our project for about five minutes. At the end of the interview the phone began ringing immediately.

Two southern belles, Kaki and Lauren, were the first to call and offered to take us where we needed to go. After meeting up with them we decided to stay in Alabama for the night, then head for Florida in the morning.

So now we're in the back seat of a of Kaki's car listening to "Sweet home Alabama" on the way to their house in Auburn, Alabama.

War Eagle.