Rock 98 Baltimore Podcast

Here is the audio from our interview on Rock 98 in Baltimore. It was a really fun interview with some good people. Speakers up!

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Go Pirates

Things got pretty college in Greenville, NC, or maybe it got pretty varsity. Hard to say. Lindsay lives in the typical student party house. The type of house which has accommodated hundreds of students, and thousands of their closest friends over the years. When entering the living room you are greeted with a couple of empty beer kegs in the corner, used plastic cups littered throughout floor and the typical road sign and Bob Marley poster wall décor. The next room is completely filled with a beer pong table; a drinking game involving plastic cups, ping pong balls and recklessness. The kitchen sink is overflowing with dirty dishes and the floors are stained with sticky grime, hair and other unidentified goo. Their house is awesome, a perfect ECU experience.

After getting set up in their house Lindsay and her roommates gathered a group of friends and we headed out for the night.

ECU Girls

South Of The Border

After a lazy day hanging around Greenville Angie and Joy took us into Raleigh in the late afternoon. They’re seniors at ECU, and part of our entourage from the night before.

There to meet us at the capitol building were Kim and Mary-Rachel. They have a nice little website that terrifies us both. We had a pretty cool reception in Harrisburg, PA, but these girls get the award for the best capitol building arrival. We noticed yellow balloons first, then the case of beer, the donuts and the “Scotty” sign. Where’s the “Fiddy” sign? Turns out they lost it. Big ups to anyone who meets us at a state capitol building with only a “Fiddy” sign. After a photo shoot we were passed onto Kim and Mary-Rachel and got in Kim’s super fast Honda Civic.

Kim and Mary-Rachel were so excited to be part of this adventure; they even had the car stocked with treats. They bought us lottery tickets too. Scotty won $2, then lost it all when he cashed it in for two more tickets. Kim criticized Scotty for being boring earlier on the phone, so we needed a way to dig ourselves out of the hole. We gave the phone responsibilities to the girls to see if they could do any better. They won by a long-shot. Might have to start outsourcing phone duties to our drivers more often.

We like to joke around with people, but Kim took it to a new level. Her clever wit had us all in hysterics and wanting to ride longer. If we talk about them driving us to West Virginia a lot on the site maybe it’ll happen. Only if Mary-Rachel comes. Kim go audition for SNL, you’re way funnier than them all.

Our time with the girls ended at “South of the border” at the South Carolina state line. Now I’ve seen roadside gimmicks before, but this puts them all to shame. Imagine a full strip of lights, fireworks, bad food and worse merchandise. The kind of place where everyone stops, but leave shortly after, confused why they stopped. I suppose the dozens of billboards before arriving actually work as a good marketing hook.

Waiting to meet us at South of the boarder, and take us into Columbia, SC was Chip. The final stretch into our fourteenth capitol was a breeze in his new cream-colored PT cruiser. Chip moved down to this area from upstate New York because he hates snow and likes smoking. Perfect place to be: no snow and cheap smokes.

It’s an interesting contrast of differences traveling south. Only a few days ago we were roaming through the small traditional villages of New England. The distances were short, the leaves were changing and the nights were cold. Now as we enter the south the weather is hot, the accents are thick and the hospitality is amazing.

We arrived in Columbia as the clock neared the witching hour and took refuge with Ken and Jill in their home. Tomorrow the plan is to check out the SC sites and make a run for the A.T.L. Stay tuned...

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