98 Rock

Kai drove us into Baltimore for a radio interview with Micky and Amelia at 98 Rock. Kai gets the award of having the cleanest trunk so far. He also had a funny conversation with his six year old daughter who was attempting to cook back at their house. After arriving fashionably late, we convinced Kai to join us in the studio. Micky and Amelia are possibly the funniest DJ’s around. Or at least the top ten in the Baltimore area. We strongly suggest listening to them. Today.

Immediately after being put on air the jabs were flying. Somehow Kai and his ‘Tiger Woods voice’ got the brunt of the early comments. That’s okay, he’s a good sport, and it seems like he enjoyed the novelty of being on air in his hometown. We hung out on the air with the guys in Baltimore for about half an hour taking calls and joking around. You can listen to the clip soon on our site.

But the 98 Rock experience got even better. They hooked us up with a limo ride to Washington, DC

Rachel and Anaya accompanied us to the nation’s capital too. The limo was great. Anaya even took about 200 photos of herself.

We were pretty excited about our first class ride to DC. The plan was to drop us off at Capitol Hill, but fortunately our driver Terry got lost. Really lost. This gave us the chance to take in a half hour tour throughout DC. What an amazing city. Massive buildings and monuments with the most amazing architecture. Enormous pillars, reflecting pools and statues everywhere you look. Priceless monuments of American history representing the values this country cherishes. All this is impressive, but taking it in while hanging out the side of a limo is rockstar.

After arriving at Capitol Hill we met up with possibly the coolest guy on the east cost, Shawn Sparks. Shawn lives in the DC suburb of Alexandria, he works as a waiter and freelance writer. You can read some of his writing on his Myspace.

Shawn and Heather picked us up and took us back to their place to meet up with their friends. After doing our laundry and breaking Shawn’s keyboard we went out in old town Alexandria for the night. Shawn and his friends we’re so much fun, and we all had such a good time. The international phenomenon of “Shaky Face” even made an appearance. Here's a picture of Shawn shakin' it up.

Shaky Face

The Building

The first class DC treatment continued today. Shawn’s neighbor Missy is in the Air Force and works at the Pentagon. Missy was able to gain us special access and give us a private tour of one of the world’s largest buildings.

She escorted us through the security checks and into the inner rings of the building. We walked throughout the gigantic building checking out some impressive displays of American military power. I think it’s safe to say few hitchhikers get to see the places of the Pentagon we saw. Unfortunately taking photos is banned so we couldn’t get proof we were standing at Donald Rumsfeld’s office. However, we did manage to get some photos in the TV studio of Scotty interviewing Missy.

pentagon interview

We looked for the rooms where men in general’s uniforms were plotting strategic attacks. They would have small figures of tanks, troops and trucks, moving them on different fronts by pushing them along with a stick. All this takes place in a dimly lit room with a large map in the middle. And we listened carefully for someone to pick up a phone and demand “get me Moscow”, but found neither. I know it’s there somewhere though.

We let Missy get back to work in the mid-afternoon and said goodbye to DC. Waiting across the street was Lindsay. We hopped in and headed south…

Richmond, VA

Lindsay hooked us up huge today. We met live on the air when she called in to 98 Rock in Baltimore, MD. She heard our interview with Mickey and Amelia and called in to offer us a ride to North Carolina via Richmond, VA. So after we toured the pentagon, it was time for Lindsay to take us south. The state capitol building was under construction in Richmond but that didn't stop us from getting our usual photo opportunity.

A trail of crime across America #3

Apparently it is illegal to drive a car in Virginia with no shoes on. Too bad Fiddy couldn't hold off until the state line to help Lindsay with some driving. Now we're really in trouble.