Annapolis, MD

Amanda and Andrew definitely gave us an amazing preview of southern hospitality. The young Georgian couple even set us up with some backwoods contacts to give us the true deep-south experience. Can't wait to meet you Eddy.

After an air force base tour and a greasy lunch. We crossed Chesapeake bay into Maryland, and its capital Annapolis. Our eleventh capital.

The capitol building was fun. There was even a senator candidate telling us to be quiet on our right. A reporter named Josh met us there too. Josh has an amazing skill of sribbling illegible green lines on paper while constantly staring into your eyes. Apparently it's notes. That's what I call going straight to the source.



They passed us off to Kai at the Maryland capitol building and we headed towards Baltimore.


On the way we convinced Kai to join us in studio for a radio interview with Micky and Amelia at Rock 98 in Baltimore. What happened next? DEFINITELY stay tuned...

Response to "A Trail of Crime Across America #2"

A concerned reader has brought it to our attention that we missed a few types of frown in this post. Here are two more types of frown that we are glad we now know about.

1. The frown of "Trying really hard to do something": This frown is often spotted when going down a roller coaster or trying to lift something really heavy. It can be identified by the raised eyebrows and the elongated neck.

Frown 2

2. The frown of "My way or the highway":
This frown is often seen on the face of bouncers at really rugged bars in small towns. If you encounter it there is no point in using logic anymore...the response from a man who wears this frown will always be "Not gonna happen."

Frown 1

Whoever you are anonymous frown guy...the entire nation thanks you. Want to send in your own frown? Turn that smile upside down and send it to