We're stuck around Morgantown, about 45 minutes west from Philly on the turnpike. We're on an on-ramp, going to the toll booth. Little known fact about Morgantown: It's the birth place of child safe windows. One reason to come here is that alone.

The other reason is we are stuck. And cold. If necessary we will have to dig deep into the bag of hitchhiking moves...possibly the "going home to mom sob story". Give us a call 310.494.8058. Philly cheestakes on us...

The City of Brotherly Love

We made it to Philadelphia! Today was a good one...really good. Pretty much drinking a Slurpee with licorice for a straw good. Here's a run down of how it happened. Just for fun let's do it in reverse order.

Right now we're staying in an apartment right off South St. in Philadelphia. It's a pretty sweet location with a lot happening right outside the door.

The reason we are staying at such a great place is because we managed to get a ride with Robyn and Andy. See the previous post to see what they bailed us out from. The reason we were in the spot that Robyn and Andy picked us up was because Lisa and Jeremy and Lily showed up at the Harrisburg capitol building with homemade "Scotty" and "Fiddy" signs and offered to give us a ride half way to Philadelphia.

Lily Lisa Jeremy

We got to Harrisburg with John and Rich. John goes by the name "Spiderman" because he was a state champion 2nd baseman. Apparently he seemed like he had webbed hands because of how well he could snag line drives. Rich was really into Volkswagens...but today they rolled in a Buick. John and Rich picked us up from a strip mall near Hazleton, PA. We were spending some quality time there with Jessica and Ray flying kites.

Fiddy Kite

They picked us up at the PA/NY state line. We were just hanging out there for a litle while. Which was cool because it just so happens that the rest stop at the state line is the international "Chip the Bucket" headquarters. We had a quick tournament on the grass.

chip the bucket

Which attracted the attention of Abe, who claimed to own a collection of over 300 golf balls....but doesn't golf. That's a good way to be Abe. Why take the cow for a walk when you could sit at home on a Saturday night enjoying a nice warm glass of milk? That's what we always say at least.


Cheese Steak

Fiddy got a hold of the famous Philly Cheese steak in the middle of the night. So he headed over to the front of the local fancy wheel shop to eat it....real fast!

A trail of crime across America #1

So we decided that it was time to start breaking more laws. We want to leave a trail of crime across America. Scotty found out that it is illegal to sing in a bathtub in Pennsylvania. Shortly after he read that he heard some noise from the upstairs bathroom...it sounded almost like Hanson.

Don't believe that this is a real law? Well we read it on the internet, so it has to be true. Read about it here.