New Video - Free FM

Here is the video footage of an in-studio interview we did on WFNY FREE FM in New York. We were in "The Dog House" with JV and Elvis This took place in Howard Stern's old studio. Directly after this interview we walked out to times Square and stuck out our thumbs for Albany, NY. Why Albany? Well we were in New York and Albany is the capital city. So that's where we had to go.

Times Square Hitch

This is the footage of our project launch in Times Square. We were there for about an hour. Right after the Naked Cowboy showed up we were in business. Dave picked us up because he was watching us on the website and didn't think we stood a chance hitching out of there. He may be right because Times square southbound traffic is a tough crowd for a ride upstate.

Heading South to Pennsylvania

Right now we're heading south through New York state with Kevin and Erik. Erik has a clothing company called Dusty Brand, it's looks like pretty cool stuff.

These guys are great. Two guys about our age with a big old comfy Volvo. Perfect. If you're wondering what the next two hours look like, they look pretty much like this:

Upsate NY countryside

kevin and Eric in the Volvo

Stay tuned for Pennsylvania...I have a feeling it's going to be tastier than a big fat cheese steak.

First brush with the law

We have had a few run-ins with state troopers for trying to hitchhike on the side of the road. But this was our first potential ticket. We explained that we needed to get to all 50 states in under 50 days so we were in a pretty big hurry. He leaned down really low and peered into the back. Two guys in bright shirts with their names on them starred back. He straightened up, adjusted his hat and said "slow it down boys". Awesome. Just a warning.

State Trooper