Boston - Looking to head north

We knocked off Providence, Rhode Island not too long ago. State three, went off without a hitch. Get it?

We just got to Boston, our fourth state capital. Boston is great, very historic and the people have great accents. But the roads, what's wrong with them. I'd like to have a few mins alone with Boston city planners. Mike drove us there, it's goes without saying that he is awesome. Now we are looking to get to Concord New Hampshire or possible Augusta Maine.
Who is going to be ride number 7?

Scotty Chowder

Oh yeah....Scotty got his Chow-dah.

Ride Number 7 - Concord, NH

We were thinking we were stuck in Boston for the night tonight. But you know what they say: "There's no use throwing the baby out with the bathwater!"

So we kept trying to get a ride to the next capitol building tonight. After a few hours of working the phones Lee picked us up and now we're north bound on the I-95 to Concord, NH. Lee is a cool guy, he's finishing off his masters degree in social work, then he's going back to school for his PhD. Lee also has a great road trip idea: "The Box". Boston to Seattle to LA to Jacksonville without stopping. Anyone in for next year, or beginning November 30th?

Awesome - State number 5 comming up.

We will be there around 9 or 10 EST and are looking to get out to Agusta, ME asap.

Video Update

So some people have been contacting us asking for more updates. That's cool...we'll try. We do have to meet new friends and travel here and there. But yeah people are right we do have lots of free time. So here's a little clip for the folks who are interested. This is us on MSNBC's show "The Most". Pretty funny because she was asking Scotty about how the technology works. I'm glad she wasn't asking me because until I heard his answer I just assumed it was magic.

Stay tuned for New Hampshire - LIVE FREE OR DIE.

Where is the old Hampshire?

Man it felt great to take that seatbelt off as we crossed over the NH state line. So much freedom. Looking for rides in the Maine or Vermont area tomorrow. Let us know if you have one.

Lee was awesome. He took us from Boston to Concord and we had some good laughs. Here's Fiddy and Lee in front of the Concord State Building.


Dan and Bruce get the lobster

We're waiting on the I-95 in south Maine and offered free lobster to whoever picked us up. Dan and Bruce pulled through. Crustations really do make a fine form of currency, we're gonna keep this up. After hearing our story they agreed to take us all the way to Augusta. We made a quick stop in Saco, Maine so Bruce could get a couple teeth pulled out, then off to Augusta. Hopefully Bruce can still eat the lobster, i'll ask the dentist.

Looks like they can drive us back down south to the New Hampshire state line today too. But we've got our eyes set on Vermont and the elusive cannon flip at the capitol building in Montpelier. Stay tuned...