Ride Number One

We just got picked up from times square at about 11am from Dave. He got us just out of town and now we're heading North to Albany on the I-95 New Jersey Turnpike. More info, pictures and a video coming as soon as we can.

Hitch50 is officially on the road....

Until now we were just talking big. Now it's time to bring it.

Stay tuned.

Who's gonna be ride number two?

It could be you! We're looking for a lift North towards Albany.

We got out of Manhattan alright, and now we're at a truck stop next to the beautiful New Jersey Turnpike. Currently working the crowd here and looking for a lift north towards Albany. If anybody wants to take us somewhere, give us a call at 310-494-8058 or just swing on by! Our current location is the blue and green marker on the map up top. It's the Vince Lombardi service area in Ridgefield, NJ.

Scott and Fiddy

Ride Number Two

Ride number two has been acquired. A very nice couple, Inessa and Tony, from Canada has offered to take us upstate. It should be a blast!

Pictures coming soon...

Stay tuned

Ride Number Three

Ride number three is underway. Our main man Rick was tracking us on the GPS map. He just casually walked up to the capitol building and asked us if we needed a ride. It was a pretty cool moment. Albany was awesome, some of the best architecture I've seen in a while. By the way Rick is the one who isn't making an ass of himself and wearing a bright green shirt that says "Fiddy".
Fiddy, Rick, Random UFO

So we'll be in Capitol number 2: Hartford, CT at about 10:00 EST. It's going to feel really good to be in the past home of the whale.

We are looking for a ride north towards Boston, or a place to stay in Hartford. If you are into it let us know. Stay tuned....

Only 48 more...

Two states down today. New York, and Connecticut. Only 48 more to go. We also visited New Jersey and Massachusetts, but not the state capitols.

Albany jumpshot

Four awesome rides, all really cool people.

I doubt many people hitchhike in Times Square, but we did.

Times Square 2

Dave, Tony and Inessa, and Rick got us through New York, while Ed and Stephanie took us through Massachusetts into Hartford.

We're now both masters of western Massachusetts geography, history, politics and especially college sports from Ed and Stephanie. They picked us up in Lee, Massachusetts and took us down to Hartford, Connetticut, our second state. Ed also serenaded us with his barber shoppe quartet renditions of College sports songs. Well done Ed, your retirement has opened a new door to singing.

According to Ed, basketball was invented in Holyoke Mass, not Springfield. We have no reason to doubt him either.

"Big ups" to Nicole, the self proclaimed "Unluckiest girl in New England". Nicole was on her way to Hartford from Providence, Rhode Island to pick us up tonight when her car broke down. Thanks for trying Nicole, we'll see you in Providence tomorrow.

So we're spending the night in Hartford and looking to go to Providence, Boston, Concord and maybe more tomorrow. Are you in these areas? Will you be going to these areas? Give us a call...

Can't wait for the chow-dah!!

Carla's on her way to pick us up right now and take us from Hartford to Providence. Carla says all she ever wears is a 12 year old baseball hat. Sounds interesting.

Mike just called us and said he can take us up to Boston from Providence. But, we're looking to do the triple play of Providence, Boston and Concord today. Or maybe add in Augusta and go for the cycle. Are you in New England and looking for something fun to do? Do you want to meet in Boston around 3-4 today? We promise not to disappoint. Give us a call 310.494.8058

Scotty and Fiddy