Our names are Scotty and Fiddy and we hitchhiked to all 50 state capitols in 50 consecutive days. We started in Times Square on October 10th 2006 and ended in Honolulu on November 28th 2006. It was awesome. Email us: hitch50@gmail.com. Thanks to everyone who made it possible, it was fun! Read about our trip here.

Stuck in Branson

UPDATE: We made it out of Branson today, but now we're stuck just South of Branson over the Arkansas border at the junction of highway 65 and 14. If you wanna score us a ride, you know where to find us!

...here's what happened last night...

So we never got a ride out of Branson Friday night. We stood on the highway on-ramp for a few hours, but nobody wanted to stop.

Picture 1.png

That’s okay, just imagine how good the ride’s gonna be tomorrow. Also, it was about time we got ‘stuck’ somewhere, needed something to keep us on our toes.

Thanks to everyone who called us, emailed us and tried to set up rides. It’s pretty cool how people on the other side of the country will spend their Friday night trying to get two strangers a ride into Arkansas. Can’t thank you enough.

So if you’re in the Branson, Missouri area and looking to go for a drive give us a call 310.494.8058. Or actually you can just stop by and say hi, here’s where we’re staying:

Branson Hotel Royale
1000 W. Main
Branson, MO
Room 502

See ya out there...

Show me Missouri

It was a dark and stormy day in the state of Missouri. Garrett wanted to show us the state and we wanted to enjoy the outdoors, but the prospects were looking bleak. Under pressure, our host Garrett pulled through and found a serene piece of wilderness, packed with exotic animals to enjoy.

Shortly after our stop, we kept with the wilderness theme and headed over to Bass Pro. Still not exactly sure what Bass Pro is. First off they have a retail section the size of Wal-Mart, specializing in only hunting related gear. Then they have about 500 dead animals, consisting of maybe 100 species mounted on the walls. I guess it’s to show what you can do with the gear you buy. But wait, there’s more. They also have an aquarium, restaurants, boat dealer, museum of dead animals, McDonalds and a Starbucks. I’m sure we missed some stuff too. All under one roof.

After lunch we headed south towards Arkansas. Entering the Ozark Mountains reminded us of New England -- rolling hills, alive with the fall foliage colors. The leaves were even more colorful due to the warmer weather. However, the foliage in the Ozarks is contrasted with the cheesiest billboards in the country. You see, in the heart of the Ozarks is Branson, Missouri, or “The poor man’s Reno”.

If you don’t know about Branson, well this town is something else. It’s hard to describe. Some people call it “The Vegas of the Midwest”, but I’m not too sure about that. It’s more like a mini golf course meets a Broadway show meets a retirement home. Whatever Branson is, it’s worth a look. Especially the Titanic Museum. Some of the workers there saw us on MSNBC earlier in the day, so they called us up and offered free tickets to the museum. Pretty cool to see, thanks guys.

After checking out Branson, we parted ways with Garrett and got out to the highway. Back to some grassroots hitchin’…

Jeff City

Headed down to the capitol building this morning. Pretty interesting, learned the city was named after Jefferson, got some shots and headed south.



Kansas City

It took no more than 30 seconds after leaving Kansas and entering Missouri before Scotty proclaimed "Guys I don't think we're in Kansas anymore". Painful.

We did a little more painting the town red today too. In other words we got lost, or took the scenic route. But when we got on track Garret was waiting to meet us in the south end of Kansas City.

Garret took us to his house to meet his family and hang out for a bit. Our new look was a hit, his cats even got in on the action.

Black and WhiteScotty Garret Fiddy

Garret then took us to get some famous Kansas City barbecue and we headed for Missouri's capital: Jefferson City.

Topeka, Kansas

Directions are easy in the plains. It's flat and all the towns in the plains are easily identified by a giant water tower with the name of the town on it. Somehow we still managed to get lost. However, we did find the giant TOPEKA water tower this afternoon.

We rolled up to the capitol building and made an executive decision:

We celebrated our new image with a little trip to Taco John's. I'm skeptical about the name "Taco John's", doesn't sound very Mexican. Maybe "Taco Juan's" would be better? I dunno, John doesn't really imply any Mexican or other south of the border images.

Taco John's

Apparently this cut-out cost $700, I doubt it, but the woman working behind the counter insisted it was. To bad, we wanted to write Kansas City on it and hit the side of the highway.

Away from OK

Tulsa Oklahoma loves custard. Driving around the city we noticed an unusually large amount of custard stands. Apparently they don’t care for ice cream or even fudge,preferring custard instead. Not really sure why custard is better, or what custard is, but that’s how they role in Tulsa. I guess that gives us another good reason to go back to Tulsa. To try the custard.

Justin took the day off work to drive us north into Kansas. Justin is a cool guy. He's only 22, but has achieved more than most 40 year olds. He's even talking about getting a doctorate in cognitive psychology. Check out his web site definitely a good guy to know if you are involved in the tech industry, or any other industry for that matter.

We left Tulsa and headed north for Topeka...

A trail of crime across America #6

In the state of Oklahoma it is illegal to make what would be considered "ugly faces" at dogs. Sometimes you can't help it, you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Do you have a picture of yourself making an ugly face at a dog? Send it to hitch50@gmail.com.


We painted the town red upon arriving in Oklahoma City. In other words we got lost and the GPS tracking recorded it all. But we finally found the capitol building and got our shots. Capital number 21, day 16.

OKC jumper

Justin and Brian came and met us in Oklahoma City. After a dinner in the Bricktown district of Oklahoma City we parted ways with Chris and headed to Tulsa. Before we go on lets all pause and thank Chris. He shattered the distance record for all drivers, taking us from Houston to Austin to Oklahoma City.

After dinner we went to check out the Oklahoma City bombing memorial. It was an incredibly sobering and moving moment. The memorial consists of 168 eerily beautiful chairs eluminated within trees and grass, set against a large reflecting pool. Each chair representing a victim of the April 1995 tragedy. Acrosss the reflecting pool is the 'survivor tree', which miraculously survived the bombings and the fires which ensued. At each end of the pool is a large monument displaying the times 9:01 and 9:03. 9:02 was the time when the horrific event occurred.


After the memorial we headed for Tulsa, Oklahoma. I thought we were rolling deep in Heather’s SUV, but Justin’s Denali was rollin’ real deep, maybe even rollin’ dirty. Cushy leather heated seats, lots of leg room, wireless internet and it even has a DVD player so we can watch our favorite movie: Earnest Goes To Camp.

Justin and Brian took us to the center of the universe. It's this concrete walkway across train tracks in downtown Tulsa. The shape of the concrete walls make ones voice echo, but only in one spot, and only to the person speaking. Pretty cool stuff, if you're in Tulsa find the center of the universe and try it out.

We were still in shock from the echo producing anomoly that we had just been introduced to when a figure stepped forward from the shadows. It turned out he was a local homeless poet named Wes who offered to write us a short poem. It's safe to say he earned a few dollars for this performance.

Texas sized capitol

Things are big in Texas. The land, the cars, the food and the capitol building. In true Texas fashion the capitol building is the largest of all the 50 states. One could even say it's grand.

Chris’ friend Ashley met us at the capitol building and offered a place to stay in her new home, with her terrorizing terrier, Monty. Even Juan, from the local NBC affiliate joined us at the Capitol building too. Here he is going straight to the source.


The clip from our interview will be posted shortly.

Ashley led us back to her house in the southern suburbs. After meeting up with some more friends and getting some food we headed for Austin’s 6th street area. People have been hyping up Austin to us over the past couple weeks, and fortunately it lived up to its hype of being an young, exciting, vibrant town. If your looking for somewhere fun to be in Texas, you can’t go wrong with Austin.

We recieved several emails asking if we slept in a field. On the GPS map it looked like we we’re staying in the middle of a field, however a new home now stands in the area. We even slept in it, well a bit between Monty's barking fits and biting attempts. In the morning we got ready to hit the road again. That is after a stop at Ihop.

After Austin it was off to Oklahoma.

Don't mess with Texas

Russell decided to blow off work and drive us into Texas. Russell thought he could be sneaky and pull the wool over his boss’ eyes; but we forgot his boss was able to track us through the GPS on the web site. Oops, didn’t mean to get you in any trouble Russ. Also, thanks for the Sony VAIO, really appreciate it. Let us know if you can find the power supply though.

We still can’t believe how well rides are working out. We’ll get dropped off in a town and need another ride. Often thinking we’re gonna be stuck and nothing is looking good. Then the phone rings and the person on the other end of the line offers to take us on to the next city.

This happened with our next ride, Heather. Russell could take us to Beaumont, about 75 miles from Houston, but we had no idea how to get into Houston. As we were literally walking out the door we received an email from Heather saying “Well, hell ya, I can pick ya’ll up in Beaumont”. Perfect, a ride, and she sounds like a true Texan.

We we’re rollin’ deep in Heather’s SUV all the way into Houston where we met up with Chris. The day before Chris called and said bluntly “Hey, I took the week off. I’ll get you guys in Houston, stay at my buddy’s place in Austin, party on 6th street and we’ll go up to Oklahoma City the next day. When can you be here?” Now, we had several offers from Houston to Austin, but Chris wasn’t about to accept a no, or even a maybe. Chris lives in Houston and runs a poker web site. Check it out here.

After checking out the beautiful scenery of Pasadena’s refineries we were off to Austin, or 20th capital. We got some timely assistance from our fans for directions. On the way to Austin Chris took a wrong turn, within one minute we had two phone calls telling us we took the wrong highway and we’re headed away from Austin.

Thanks for the help ya’ll.

A trail of crime across America #5

Within New Orleans city limits "Fancy Bike Riding" is prohibited. The only problem is Scotty, Josh, and Terry (who supplied the bike) only know one way to do things...fancy.

Baton Rouge, LA

After a few hours in New Orleans we promised we’d come back for more than an evening, then headed to Baton Rouge, our 19th capital.

The capitol building is impressive, it’s the tallest capitol building of all 50. But what’s even more impressive is Fiddy living up to a promise. In August 2004, at the Hacienda hotel in Santa Monica, CA Fiddy promised Retired Movie Star Dave Leroux that he would visit Baton Rouge, LA before his 25th birthday. A contract was made, signed and witnessed. Retired Movie Star Dave Leroux kept the contract in his wallet for years and constantly reminded Fiddy of the deal. Well, Fiddy turns 25 in March of 2007, and he can now safely say he has visited Baton Rouge. A man of his word.



Coincidentaly, it is illegal to make a false promise in Lousisiana. Looks like for once Fiddy isn't on the wrong side of the law.

The Big Easy

Josh’s loud Jeep took us next to the bumpy roads of Louisiana. We went to check out New Orleans before going to Louisiana’s capital Baton Rouge. Driving south into New Orleans was one of the best roads ever. The elevated highway stretches for about 40 miles through the Bayou. You pass over little houses, shops and other buildings scattered throughout the waterways. All the rust covered buildings below are boat access only and look like they are barely held together.

We arrived in New Orleans and met up with Russell and Ryan. Along with Josh, the five of us toured the sights of New Orleans’ French Quarter.

It was tempting on so many levels to stay in New Orleans for a few days, but we had to keep moving.


Josh and Rachel let us stay in their new home in Gulfport, MS. They moved to the area just over a year ago, interesting timing with hurricane Katrina lurking in the area...

Rachel is eight and a half months pregnant, and still allowed Josh to take off for the day with us. Thank you Rachel.

Josh and Rachel live just moments away from the Gulfport shore disaster area. The Gulfport area of Mississippi was hit hard last year from hurricane Katrina, real hard. The waterfront area is absolutely devastated. Josh took us in the morning to tour the disaster area. Once the waterfront was a bustling area with casinos, shops, beautiful houses filled with residents and tourists. Now all that remains is concrete foundation slabs where the houses once stood, clusters of FEMA trailers where the residents now live and cracked, split and shattered roads, trees and buildings. It’s chilling to stand in these areas and imagine the power of the storm that caused the devastation.


However, the area is being reborn. Houses are being rebuilt, casinos are being restored and the residents are courageously returning. People like Josh and Rachel are movin' in.

After touring the Mississippi shoreline Josh took us north to our 18th capital, Jackson, Mississippi. We made a quick stop at the capitol building and got some good jump shots with Josh.




Here's the media appearances we've made.

Did we miss something? Let us know at hitch50@gmail.com

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Headin' West

Had a great jump shot session at the capitol building in Tallahassee today.



We’ve been getting great feedback about the jump shots, and while they are awesome we can’t take full credit for them. Nirvan, creator of the One Second Film introduced the jumping phenomenon to us a couple months ago.

Jump it up and send us the photos. Don't hurt yourself though, jump shots are for trained professionals only.

After hangin’ around the capitol building and the city of Tallahassee we got in Ashley's Nissan and headed west. Had a great tour through the deep south parts of Florida and Alabama. Even went to go to the greyhound track in Mobile, Alabama. Unfortunately it was closed. We promise good content from the next track though. Promise.

Now we’re now off to Mississippi to meet up with Josh and his wife Rachel in Long Beach near Gulfport on the south coast. Going to Jackson, Mississippi and Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Monday with Josh.

After that TEXAS. Give us a call Tex.

The Sunshine State

After a short sleep and an early morning we got up and ready for the drive to Florida. In true southern fashion, we dined on grits for breakfast. Good times in Alabama with our new deep south friends. Still don't understand the hype around boiled peanuts.

Our 17th state capital, Tallahassee was buzzing for the football game between FSU and Boston College. Entering Tallahassee was straight out of a college movie. Streets lined with frat houses; massive greek symbols above the doors, couches littered throughout the yard, large trucks parked up on the curve. All the boys fueled the stereotype with their burgundy hats, black t-shirts, khaki shorts and Birkenstock sandals.

Every square foot of lawn, parking lots and parks were filled with FSU fans tailgating in preparation for the game; barbeques smoking, footballs flying and beer flowing.

We met with Ashley who had arranged some tickets to the game. Ashley is in her second year of law school at FSU. She enjoys justice, driving long distances and greyhound racing in Tampa Bay.

After dropping off our stuff at her house, we got ready for the game. The three of us toured the parties, barbeques and other festivities around the university then headed for the stadium. Imagine 80,000 screaming fans that live and breath the garnet and gold of the Florida State Seminoles. Combined with a 200 hundred person marching band, 85 degree heat, and national media the stage was set.

The game was intense with an exciting comeback by FSU in the closing minutes. However, after a close call at the final seconds of the game Boston College came out on top. Even without FSU winning, the game was amazing and a good lesson of the insanity of College football culture in the south.

A trail of crime across America #4

We decided to clean up our act and try not to break any laws while in Alabama. So we kept to wholesome activities to stay out of trouble, and nothing could be more wholesome than a nice picnic on an old train car. Calamity struck when we found out that it is illegal to pour salt on a railroad track in the state of Alabama. In fact, it's punishable by death. Time to make another break for the state line.