Our names are Scotty and Fiddy and we hitchhiked to all 50 state capitols in 50 consecutive days. We started in Times Square on October 10th 2006 and ended in Honolulu on November 28th 2006. It was awesome. Email us: hitch50@gmail.com. Thanks to everyone who made it possible, it was fun! Read about our trip here.

Stars fell on Alabama

Teo and his mother Eloina picked us up outside the CNN building after our interview this afternoon. We jumped in and headed to Alabama.

The mother and son team are originally from Venezuela, and have been living in Atlanta for several years. Teo was actually the first person to call our phone and offer us a ride, over two weeks ago. Teo's eagerness to participate even involved packing food, drinks and comedy CDs for the drive to Montgomery.

During the whole ride with Teo and Eloina we were using Teo's video camera to document the ride and our memories together. Teo, who works for LAPTV.com , a film production studio with tones of great ideas, is gonna make us short clip for us about our time together. Stay tuned for the video.

We arrived in Alabama's capital, Montgomery in the late afternoon. Our 16th capital in 11 days. We didn't have any rides set up, and the prospects of making it to Tallahassee this evening were looking bleak. One timely phone call fixed all our problems. Steve, from Live 102, a local radio station called to do an interview. Scotty went on the air and talked with Steve about our project for about five minutes. At the end of the interview the phone began ringing immediately.

Two southern belles, Kaki and Lauren, were the first to call and offered to take us where we needed to go. After meeting up with them we decided to stay in Alabama for the night, then head for Florida in the morning.

So now we're in the back seat of a of Kaki's car listening to "Sweet home Alabama" on the way to their house in Auburn, Alabama.

War Eagle.


Last night Nathan called at about 11:00. He said he worked in the satellite department at in Atlanta. Apparently he and his co-workers have been monitoring our progress since day one. Nathan was excited to see we were in Atlanta and offered to show us around the CNN studio. We agreed without hesitation.

He picked us up outside Bob’s early this morning and took us down to the CNN world headquarters. After getting security clearance he took us to the floor where much of the world gets its news.

It was funny walking around wearing our Scotty and Fiddy shirts. They have www.hitch50.com on the back and many workers took notice. After several minutes of walking around the news floor we noticed many of the employee’s computer screens had our web site loaded on them. We were even asked to pose for pictures by several of the workers. That’s what I call direct advertising.

We tried for a couple hours to show our faces around the studio and get ourselves on TV. Scotty even tried going straight to the source. Nathan introduced us to several producers and others who are in the business of writing history. They listened as we pitched our story to many of them and walked them through our web site. Our persistence landed us a six and a half minute spot on CNN.

Nathan, thank you. Thank you very much.

MSNBC Round 2

We got a brief spot on MSNBC today live from Bob's Camry. Here is the clip. Speakers up!

Fiddy's got Georgia on his mind

First off, I think some people have forgotten about "The Golden Ticket"

Today was a double header, with Columbia and Atlanta checked off the list. Bob met us about 40 miles outside of the ATL, or as my friend Ryan Ross says "Hotlanta". Again Bob, who is a self proclaimed Georgia peach, practiced the art of southern hospitality. He showed us around Atlanta and took us to the capitol building for a good jump shot photo session. We even got to see his son Brice's tennis moves. Brice is poised to take the division championships this weekend. Good luck, don't let the Russians intimidate you.

We also had the pleasure of meeting his other son Griffen and his wife Susan.

They took us to their house in the Morningside area of Atlanta. It's a beautiful house in this gorgeous area of the city. It was cool to hang out with a nice southern family in the comfort of their home. Bob taught us about the different types of southern drawls too. Down south it's slower and deeper, while up north it's faster, with more of a twang. Hopefully we get to sample both in the next few days. Then Bob got us pizza. Bob couldn't be better.

The plan for tomorrow is Alabama, then onto Tallahassee. Hopefully we can do them both in one shot. Anyone want to go for a ride?



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Columbia, SC

Ken continued the trend of southern hospitlity. Ken, Jill and Sadie welcomed us into their South Carolina home. A really nice family, Jill's sister, who missed our visit even told us to come back and stay at her place next time.

After spending the night and a lazy morning at their house we checked out the Columbia state house. The confederate flag still flies here; it's recently been moved from the roof to a smaller pole on the lawn, as a comprimise. Jill and George met us there too. George was so excited to meet us, he got caught speeding towards the capitol building. Hope it was worth $75 to meet us George. Sorry about making you rush. After a stroll around the state house grounds, we jumped in Ken's SUV and made a break for the Georgia state line.

Learned some interesting things about South Carolina. Like residents' obsession with the Gamecocks. For anyone who doesn't know the Gamecocks are the University of South Carolina's football team. Almost every car has a "Go Cocks" bumper sticker, and I guarantee every Columbia citizen has at least one garment with the Gamecocks logo on it. They even play their 'fight song' from the capitol building everyday at noon. This is definately college football territory.



Text to see our progress:

So this is cool, really cool. Andy over at Mozes set up a service to monitor our progress with your cell phone. It’s easy, just text Hitch50 to 66937 (Mozes) and it tells you where we are. It also tells you if we’re moving or stopped. Try it out, now.

We can also set up some voting services, so stay tuned for some decisions you can make for us.

This is a good way to keep up on our progress when you’re not around a computer.

Thanks Andy.

South Of The Border

After a lazy day hanging around Greenville Angie and Joy took us into Raleigh in the late afternoon. They’re seniors at ECU, and part of our entourage from the night before.

There to meet us at the capitol building were Kim and Mary-Rachel. They have a nice little website that terrifies us both. We had a pretty cool reception in Harrisburg, PA, but these girls get the award for the best capitol building arrival. We noticed yellow balloons first, then the case of beer, the donuts and the “Scotty” sign. Where’s the “Fiddy” sign? Turns out they lost it. Big ups to anyone who meets us at a state capitol building with only a “Fiddy” sign. After a photo shoot we were passed onto Kim and Mary-Rachel and got in Kim’s super fast Honda Civic.

Kim and Mary-Rachel were so excited to be part of this adventure; they even had the car stocked with treats. They bought us lottery tickets too. Scotty won $2, then lost it all when he cashed it in for two more tickets. Kim criticized Scotty for being boring earlier on the phone, so we needed a way to dig ourselves out of the hole. We gave the phone responsibilities to the girls to see if they could do any better. They won by a long-shot. Might have to start outsourcing phone duties to our drivers more often.

We like to joke around with people, but Kim took it to a new level. Her clever wit had us all in hysterics and wanting to ride longer. If we talk about them driving us to West Virginia a lot on the site maybe it’ll happen. Only if Mary-Rachel comes. Kim go audition for SNL, you’re way funnier than them all.

Our time with the girls ended at “South of the border” at the South Carolina state line. Now I’ve seen roadside gimmicks before, but this puts them all to shame. Imagine a full strip of lights, fireworks, bad food and worse merchandise. The kind of place where everyone stops, but leave shortly after, confused why they stopped. I suppose the dozens of billboards before arriving actually work as a good marketing hook.

Waiting to meet us at South of the boarder, and take us into Columbia, SC was Chip. The final stretch into our fourteenth capitol was a breeze in his new cream-colored PT cruiser. Chip moved down to this area from upstate New York because he hates snow and likes smoking. Perfect place to be: no snow and cheap smokes.

It’s an interesting contrast of differences traveling south. Only a few days ago we were roaming through the small traditional villages of New England. The distances were short, the leaves were changing and the nights were cold. Now as we enter the south the weather is hot, the accents are thick and the hospitality is amazing.

We arrived in Columbia as the clock neared the witching hour and took refuge with Ken and Jill in their home. Tomorrow the plan is to check out the SC sites and make a run for the A.T.L. Stay tuned...

Go Pirates

Things got pretty college in Greenville, NC, or maybe it got pretty varsity. Hard to say. Lindsay lives in the typical student party house. The type of house which has accommodated hundreds of students, and thousands of their closest friends over the years. When entering the living room you are greeted with a couple of empty beer kegs in the corner, used plastic cups littered throughout floor and the typical road sign and Bob Marley poster wall décor. The next room is completely filled with a beer pong table; a drinking game involving plastic cups, ping pong balls and recklessness. The kitchen sink is overflowing with dirty dishes and the floors are stained with sticky grime, hair and other unidentified goo. Their house is awesome, a perfect ECU experience.

After getting set up in their house Lindsay and her roommates gathered a group of friends and we headed out for the night.

ECU Girls

Rock 98 Baltimore Podcast

Here is the audio from our interview on Rock 98 in Baltimore. It was a really fun interview with some good people. Speakers up!

Rock 98 #1:

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Rock 98 #2:

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Rock 98 #3:

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Rock 98 #4:

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A trail of crime across America #3

Apparently it is illegal to drive a car in Virginia with no shoes on. Too bad Fiddy couldn't hold off until the state line to help Lindsay with some driving. Now we're really in trouble.

Richmond, VA

Lindsay hooked us up huge today. We met live on the air when she called in to 98 Rock in Baltimore, MD. She heard our interview with Mickey and Amelia and called in to offer us a ride to North Carolina via Richmond, VA. So after we toured the pentagon, it was time for Lindsay to take us south. The state capitol building was under construction in Richmond but that didn't stop us from getting our usual photo opportunity.

The Building

The first class DC treatment continued today. Shawn’s neighbor Missy is in the Air Force and works at the Pentagon. Missy was able to gain us special access and give us a private tour of one of the world’s largest buildings.

She escorted us through the security checks and into the inner rings of the building. We walked throughout the gigantic building checking out some impressive displays of American military power. I think it’s safe to say few hitchhikers get to see the places of the Pentagon we saw. Unfortunately taking photos is banned so we couldn’t get proof we were standing at Donald Rumsfeld’s office. However, we did manage to get some photos in the TV studio of Scotty interviewing Missy.

pentagon interview

We looked for the rooms where men in general’s uniforms were plotting strategic attacks. They would have small figures of tanks, troops and trucks, moving them on different fronts by pushing them along with a stick. All this takes place in a dimly lit room with a large map in the middle. And we listened carefully for someone to pick up a phone and demand “get me Moscow”, but found neither. I know it’s there somewhere though.

We let Missy get back to work in the mid-afternoon and said goodbye to DC. Waiting across the street was Lindsay. We hopped in and headed south…

98 Rock

Kai drove us into Baltimore for a radio interview with Micky and Amelia at 98 Rock. Kai gets the award of having the cleanest trunk so far. He also had a funny conversation with his six year old daughter who was attempting to cook back at their house. After arriving fashionably late, we convinced Kai to join us in the studio. Micky and Amelia are possibly the funniest DJ’s around. Or at least the top ten in the Baltimore area. We strongly suggest listening to them. Today.

Immediately after being put on air the jabs were flying. Somehow Kai and his ‘Tiger Woods voice’ got the brunt of the early comments. That’s okay, he’s a good sport, and it seems like he enjoyed the novelty of being on air in his hometown. We hung out on the air with the guys in Baltimore for about half an hour taking calls and joking around. You can listen to the clip soon on our site.

But the 98 Rock experience got even better. They hooked us up with a limo ride to Washington, DC

Rachel and Anaya accompanied us to the nation’s capital too. The limo was great. Anaya even took about 200 photos of herself.

We were pretty excited about our first class ride to DC. The plan was to drop us off at Capitol Hill, but fortunately our driver Terry got lost. Really lost. This gave us the chance to take in a half hour tour throughout DC. What an amazing city. Massive buildings and monuments with the most amazing architecture. Enormous pillars, reflecting pools and statues everywhere you look. Priceless monuments of American history representing the values this country cherishes. All this is impressive, but taking it in while hanging out the side of a limo is rockstar.

After arriving at Capitol Hill we met up with possibly the coolest guy on the east cost, Shawn Sparks. Shawn lives in the DC suburb of Alexandria, he works as a waiter and freelance writer. You can read some of his writing on his Myspace.

Shawn and Heather picked us up and took us back to their place to meet up with their friends. After doing our laundry and breaking Shawn’s keyboard we went out in old town Alexandria for the night. Shawn and his friends we’re so much fun, and we all had such a good time. The international phenomenon of “Shaky Face” even made an appearance. Here's a picture of Shawn shakin' it up.

Shaky Face

Response to "A Trail of Crime Across America #2"

A concerned reader has brought it to our attention that we missed a few types of frown in this post. Here are two more types of frown that we are glad we now know about.

1. The frown of "Trying really hard to do something": This frown is often spotted when going down a roller coaster or trying to lift something really heavy. It can be identified by the raised eyebrows and the elongated neck.

Frown 2

2. The frown of "My way or the highway":
This frown is often seen on the face of bouncers at really rugged bars in small towns. If you encounter it there is no point in using logic anymore...the response from a man who wears this frown will always be "Not gonna happen."

Frown 1

Whoever you are anonymous frown guy...the entire nation thanks you. Want to send in your own frown? Turn that smile upside down and send it to hitch50@gmail.com

Annapolis, MD

Amanda and Andrew definitely gave us an amazing preview of southern hospitality. The young Georgian couple even set us up with some backwoods contacts to give us the true deep-south experience. Can't wait to meet you Eddy.

After an air force base tour and a greasy lunch. We crossed Chesapeake bay into Maryland, and its capital Annapolis. Our eleventh capital.

The capitol building was fun. There was even a senator candidate telling us to be quiet on our right. A reporter named Josh met us there too. Josh has an amazing skill of sribbling illegible green lines on paper while constantly staring into your eyes. Apparently it's notes. That's what I call going straight to the source.



They passed us off to Kai at the Maryland capitol building and we headed towards Baltimore.


On the way we convinced Kai to join us in studio for a radio interview with Micky and Amelia at Rock 98 in Baltimore. What happened next? DEFINITELY stay tuned...

Dover Air Force Base

Today Drew and Amanda took us on a tour of the Dover Air Force Base. It was amazing to see how big some of the planes actually are. They managed to get us into the isochronical inspection hanger to see a C-5 airdraft. We went inside the C-5; in the flight deck, down in the cargo bay and on top of the wings. This plane can hold 7 greyhound buses in it's cargo bay and from the top of the T-tail it's 6 stories to the ground. The fuel tank hold 300,000 pounds of fuel to power it's 4 massive engines. We took this video from way up there on the T-Tail at the back of the plane.

Dover, DE

I have a fear of Delaware. I really find Delaware a terrifying place, and for good reason, Delaware is crazy.

You could feel fear in the air as Scott and Sharon’s Saturn sped towards the Delaware state line. As we approached the First State I nervously began trembling, finding excuses to leave Delaware off the list of 50 states. I even proposed eliminating Delaware and adding Guam, or the Marshall Islands, but Fiddy would have none of it.

Scott and Sharon comforted me and made me confront my fears. They stopped at the state line to discuss our game plan. First on the list: welcome sign photos. This went okay, but in true Delaware fashion, it was too dark and scary for good quality photos.

Scared of Delaware

Welcome to Delaware

Next up was a stop at Wawa. Wawa is a gas station with a deli in it. That alone is terrifying. Forget the butcher, just stop by the local gas station for your meats. After quickly moving to the capitol building I was struck with the most terrifying scene imaginable. The capitol building is called the legislative hall. Risky exposure in the dark, wooded capitol area added to the tension as we frantically searched for the ‘capitol building’. Not until Sharon suggested looking at the map did we realize the name game Delaware is playing.

I found much comfort in the hospitality of our new hosts. Andrew and Amanda met us at the capitol building and took us back to their house. The recently married couple is stationed here, and live in off-base military housing. I’m relieved to know I have professionally trained combat personnel in every direction to protect me. Maybe now, I’ll be ready to confront my fears.
Stay tuned…

A trail of crime across America #2

In the garden state of New Jersey it is illegal to frown at a police officer. We applaud this law for obvious reasons of respect. After all, New Jersey’s state motto is: “I wouldn’t worry about it, just throw it in the river.”

Five out of six residents agree a true frown of distain should come with a stiff penalty. However, this law needs clarification. Below is a picture of Scotty frowning at a local police officer. This rebellious action landed Scotty a stiff penalty, but more importantly it put him on the soapbox to preach the true art form and precautionary measures of frowning.

Frown New Jersey police

But what about the other frowns, the beautiful frowns, the little known frowns which imply other emotions or feelings.

First is the frown of approval. This frown is closely related to the frown of a job well done and the frown of a hard days work. The differences come in the delivery. The frown of approval is delivered after a 4-6 second pondering session, followed by three slight nods of the head, a slight raise of the eyebrows combined with the frown. Many people choose to look from left to right at their colleagues to gain support and confidence in their decision to apply the frown of approval.

The frown of a job well done, known as the frown of a hard days work west of the Mississippi is delivered promptly with more force and determination. After the task is completed the frowner usually takes a step back, inspects the finished product and delivers. The delivery is abrupt, with one firm head nod, combined with the frown. Note: Crossing of the arms, or leaning on a shovel is recommended, but not mandatory.

The frown of authority came about during the days of prohibition and has been refined by law enforcement officers throughout the past century. The frown of authority is one of the few frowns that does not use any head nodding with the delivery. In fact, the delivery is quick and rarely seen. The frown of authority is usually waiting for you when coming across an authoritative figure. Often the subject has their back to the wall, with arms crossed, reflective sunglasses and a prominent moustache. The frown is static on the subject’s face and burns straight to ones soul. The frown’s hypnotic image stuns its victims for several seconds before the subject speaks or jumps into action. Be warned, this frown is not to be taken lightly.

This is an open plea to the state on New Jersey to clarify the law. Think of this as a public service announcement and use it as a platform to demand action. Please clarify your laws so residents can continue their legal frowns in confidence.

Trenton, NJ

Scott and Sharon picked us up in Philadelphia and drove us through New Jersey to Delaware. New Jersey was everything we expected and more. Beautiful Achitecture, friendly faces and fresh cool mountain air. We managed to get up the fire escape and on top of the state capitol building.

A trail of crime across America #1

So we decided that it was time to start breaking more laws. We want to leave a trail of crime across America. Scotty found out that it is illegal to sing in a bathtub in Pennsylvania. Shortly after he read that he heard some noise from the upstairs bathroom...it sounded almost like Hanson.

Don't believe that this is a real law? Well we read it on the internet, so it has to be true. Read about it here.

Cheese Steak

Fiddy got a hold of the famous Philly Cheese steak in the middle of the night. So he headed over to the front of the local fancy wheel shop to eat it....real fast!