Our names are Scotty and Fiddy and we hitchhiked to all 50 state capitols in 50 consecutive days. We started in Times Square on October 10th 2006 and ended in Honolulu on November 28th 2006. It was awesome. Email us: hitch50@gmail.com. Thanks to everyone who made it possible, it was fun! Read about our trip here.

The City of Brotherly Love

We made it to Philadelphia! Today was a good one...really good. Pretty much drinking a Slurpee with licorice for a straw good. Here's a run down of how it happened. Just for fun let's do it in reverse order.

Right now we're staying in an apartment right off South St. in Philadelphia. It's a pretty sweet location with a lot happening right outside the door.

The reason we are staying at such a great place is because we managed to get a ride with Robyn and Andy. See the previous post to see what they bailed us out from. The reason we were in the spot that Robyn and Andy picked us up was because Lisa and Jeremy and Lily showed up at the Harrisburg capitol building with homemade "Scotty" and "Fiddy" signs and offered to give us a ride half way to Philadelphia.

Lily Lisa Jeremy

We got to Harrisburg with John and Rich. John goes by the name "Spiderman" because he was a state champion 2nd baseman. Apparently he seemed like he had webbed hands because of how well he could snag line drives. Rich was really into Volkswagens...but today they rolled in a Buick. John and Rich picked us up from a strip mall near Hazleton, PA. We were spending some quality time there with Jessica and Ray flying kites.

Fiddy Kite

They picked us up at the PA/NY state line. We were just hanging out there for a litle while. Which was cool because it just so happens that the rest stop at the state line is the international "Chip the Bucket" headquarters. We had a quick tournament on the grass.

chip the bucket

Which attracted the attention of Abe, who claimed to own a collection of over 300 golf balls....but doesn't golf. That's a good way to be Abe. Why take the cow for a walk when you could sit at home on a Saturday night enjoying a nice warm glass of milk? That's what we always say at least.



We're stuck around Morgantown, about 45 minutes west from Philly on the turnpike. We're on an on-ramp, going to the toll booth. Little known fact about Morgantown: It's the birth place of child safe windows. One reason to come here is that alone.

The other reason is we are stuck. And cold. If necessary we will have to dig deep into the bag of hitchhiking moves...possibly the "going home to mom sob story". Give us a call 310.494.8058. Philly cheestakes on us...

First brush with the law

We have had a few run-ins with state troopers for trying to hitchhike on the side of the road. But this was our first potential ticket. We explained that we needed to get to all 50 states in under 50 days so we were in a pretty big hurry. He leaned down really low and peered into the back. Two guys in bright shirts with their names on them starred back. He straightened up, adjusted his hat and said "slow it down boys". Awesome. Just a warning.

State Trooper

Heading South to Pennsylvania

Right now we're heading south through New York state with Kevin and Erik. Erik has a clothing company called Dusty Brand, it's looks like pretty cool stuff.

These guys are great. Two guys about our age with a big old comfy Volvo. Perfect. If you're wondering what the next two hours look like, they look pretty much like this:

Upsate NY countryside

kevin and Eric in the Volvo

Stay tuned for Pennsylvania...I have a feeling it's going to be tastier than a big fat cheese steak.

Times Square Hitch

This is the footage of our project launch in Times Square. We were there for about an hour. Right after the Naked Cowboy showed up we were in business. Dave picked us up because he was watching us on the website and didn't think we stood a chance hitching out of there. He may be right because Times square southbound traffic is a tough crowd for a ride upstate.

New Video - Free FM

Here is the video footage of an in-studio interview we did on WFNY FREE FM in New York. We were in "The Dog House" with JV and Elvis This took place in Howard Stern's old studio. Directly after this interview we walked out to times Square and stuck out our thumbs for Albany, NY. Why Albany? Well we were in New York and Albany is the capital city. So that's where we had to go.

Montpelier, VT

Vermont is amazing. It's sunny here and the fall foliage is spectacular. We came up to the capitol, Montpelier this morning with Scott King who is in the US Air Force. He was a really cool guy and told us some pretty intense stories from Iraq. The phrase that really stuck was when he said "At first you hear shells flying at you and you hit the ground....after a while you get used to it and don't bother 'cause you don't want to get your uniform muddy." It was pretty hardcore. But he drove fast so that was cool.

We got to the capitol building in the early afternoon.
We did the usual photo session and then headed over to the Montpelier capitol building cannon to attempt the infamous cannon flip.

I think it's safe to say that Fiddy's attempt may be the worst attempt at anything ever recorded on film.

Then we met up with Mark. Mark tried to get one of his pilot friends to fly us down through a few states in his plane. It didn't work out because his friend had to perform at his night job as a magician tonight. It would have been awesome, but oh well. So we went for a few beers with Mark and went back to his house. Again, we had a little photo shoot and then headed south into New York State. Right now we're meeting up with Rick who will take us through upstate NY.

Every morning

I guess we got some press in New York City, cause we got some fans who like to call and check up on the progress.

Here's a typical phone conversation between Scotty and a tough sounding New Yorker.

5:30 AM. Phone is ringing...

Scotty: Heeeloo? (barely awake)
Scotty: Huh? what?
Scotty: Ya, ya. We're in New Hampshire.
Scotty: Where are you?
Scotty: Oh, ok.


Early morning New Yorker, what is your name? What is your number? Lets meet up.

12% Done

Should be finishing off New England pretty soon. Can't wait to try the cannon flip at the Montpelier captiol building. We've been getting alot of hype about it from a fan named Bliss, or Amanda. We're not really sure of her name anymore. Stay tuned for more...

Monika decided we are more important that Biology class yesterday morning and skipped to take us into Maine. I reciprocated by giving her a shout out on a radio interview when she was driving us. The only problem is the interview was being pre-recorded for the following morning, and you can clearly hear Monika saying in the background: "It's Mo-neeka, not Monika". Oh well, I guess our cover is blown. Monika is a great girl, but not too good at directions. Thats okay, we made it worse, and we had the maps.

Got a great tour through the rural roads of Maine and New Hampshire. It was nice to get off the interstates and check out the real New England. It seems like every town is straight out of a movie. With the old fashioned front porches, small city squares, brick buildings with red, white and blue ribbons draped over all the railings. Then it started to get dark, and foggy. Combine the weather with the fact it is October, the month of ghouls, it got spooky. Being stuck on the side of the road in the tiny town of Grafton it felt like being in a scary movie. Very surreal, but beautiful all the same.

People come from all over the world to see New England's foliage, and for good reason. Driving through the White mountains in New Hampshire was very impressive. Rolling hills stretching from miles, alive with brilliant colors of orange, red, yellow and everything in between. I've heard about the folliage before, but it never interested me much. After seeing the mountains, lakes and towns alive with color this time of year, it proved me wrong.

Maine and New Hampshire are great. Small, old towns sprinkled everywhere throughout the North East corner of America. Slow moving traffic, friendly faces and every shop has a story behind it. Bob was pointing out some sandwich shops that people come from all over the great state of Maine to try the food. And every town still has banners from when their baseball or football team won the county or state championships back in the 70's and 80's.

It seems like we only need 30 seconds of talking to someone to get a ride. Many people are nervous about hitchhikers, but after hearing our story most are eager to be part of the journey. One example was Megan in Grafton, NH. Megan works at a gas station and has a young family. She closed up the gas station at 9:00 and we were left in the dark. After hearing our story she generously took us 30 miles into Lebanon, NH. She would usually never pick people up, but made an exception. Now we just need to find more ways of getting 30 seconds of people's time.

Gonna try and make today a quad state venture. Begin here in New Hampshire, then Vermont, back through New York and into Pennsylvania. This one may not be too easy, snow storms are forecasted in New York so we're looking for some help. Are you in these areas and want to go for a drive? We promise to entertain...


Dan and Bruce get the lobster

We're waiting on the I-95 in south Maine and offered free lobster to whoever picked us up. Dan and Bruce pulled through. Crustations really do make a fine form of currency, we're gonna keep this up. After hearing our story they agreed to take us all the way to Augusta. We made a quick stop in Saco, Maine so Bruce could get a couple teeth pulled out, then off to Augusta. Hopefully Bruce can still eat the lobster, I'll ask the dentist.

Looks like they can drive us back down south to the New Hampshire state line today too. But we've got our eyes set on Vermont and the elusive cannon flip at the capitol building in Montpelier. Stay tuned...

Where is the old Hampshire?

Man it felt great to take that seat belt off as we crossed over the NH state line. So much freedom. Looking for rides in the Maine or Vermont area tomorrow. Let us know if you have one.

Lee was awesome. He took us from Boston to Concord and we had some good laughs. Here's Fiddy and Lee in front of the Concord State Building.


Video Update

So some people have been contacting us asking for more updates. That's cool...we'll try. We do have to meet new friends and travel here and there. But yeah people are right we do have lots of free time. So here's a little clip for the folks who are interested. This is us on MSNBC's show "The Most". Pretty funny because she was asking Scotty about how the technology works. I'm glad she wasn't asking me because until I heard his answer I just assumed it was magic.

Stay tuned for New Hampshire - LIVE FREE OR DIE.

Ride Number 7 - Concord, NH

We were thinking we were stuck in Boston for the night tonight. But you know what they say: "There's no use throwing the baby out with the bathwater!"

So we kept trying to get a ride to the next capitol building tonight. After a few hours of working the phones Lee picked us up and now we're north bound on the I-95 to Concord, NH. Lee is a cool guy, he's finishing off his masters degree in social work, then he's going back to school for his PhD. Lee also has a great road trip idea: "The Box". Boston to Seattle to LA to Jacksonville without stopping. Anyone in for next year, or beginning November 30th?

Awesome - State number 5 comming up.

We will be there around 9 or 10 EST and are looking to get out to Agusta, ME asap.

Boston - Looking to head north

We knocked off Providence, Rhode Island not too long ago. State three, went off without a hitch. Get it?

We just got to Boston, our fourth state capital. Boston is great, very historic and the people have great accents. But the roads, what's wrong with them. I'd like to have a few mins alone with Boston city planners. Mike drove us there, it's goes without saying that he is awesome. Now we are looking to get to Concord New Hampshire or possible Augusta Maine.
Who is going to be ride number 7?

Scotty Chowder

Oh yeah....Scotty got his Chow-dah.

Can't wait for the chow-dah!!

Carla's on her way to pick us up right now and take us from Hartford to Providence. Carla says all she ever wears is a 12 year old baseball hat. Sounds interesting.

Mike just called us and said he can take us up to Boston from Providence. But, we're looking to do the triple play of Providence, Boston and Concord today. Or maybe add in Augusta and go for the cycle. Are you in New England and looking for something fun to do? Do you want to meet in Boston around 3-4 today? We promise not to disappoint. Give us a call 310.494.8058

Scotty and Fiddy

Only 48 more...

Two states down today. New York, and Connecticut. Only 48 more to go. We also visited New Jersey and Massachusetts, but not the state capitols.

Albany jumpshot

Four awesome rides, all really cool people.

I doubt many people hitchhike in Times Square, but we did.

Times Square 2

Dave, Tony and Inessa, and Rick got us through New York, while Ed and Stephanie took us through Massachusetts into Hartford.

We're now both masters of western Massachusetts geography, history, politics and especially college sports from Ed and Stephanie. They picked us up in Lee, Massachusetts and took us down to Hartford, Connetticut, our second state. Ed also serenaded us with his barber shoppe quartet renditions of College sports songs. Well done Ed, your retirement has opened a new door to singing.

According to Ed, basketball was invented in Holyoke Mass, not Springfield. We have no reason to doubt him either.

"Big ups" to Nicole, the self proclaimed "Unluckiest girl in New England". Nicole was on her way to Hartford from Providence, Rhode Island to pick us up tonight when her car broke down. Thanks for trying Nicole, we'll see you in Providence tomorrow.

So we're spending the night in Hartford and looking to go to Providence, Boston, Concord and maybe more tomorrow. Are you in these areas? Will you be going to these areas? Give us a call...

Ride Number Three

Ride number three is underway. Our main man Rick was tracking us on the GPS map. He just casually walked up to the capitol building and asked us if we needed a ride. It was a pretty cool moment. Albany was awesome, some of the best architecture I've seen in a while. By the way Rick is the one who isn't making an ass of himself and wearing a bright green shirt that says "Fiddy".
Fiddy, Rick, Random UFO

So we'll be in Capitol number 2: Hartford, CT at about 10:00 EST. It's going to feel really good to be in the past home of the whale.

We are looking for a ride north towards Boston, or a place to stay in Hartford. If you are into it let us know. Stay tuned....

Ride Number Two

Ride number two has been acquired. A very nice couple, Inessa and Tony, from Canada has offered to take us upstate. It should be a blast!

Pictures coming soon...

Stay tuned

Who's gonna be ride number two?

It could be you! We're looking for a lift North towards Albany.

We got out of Manhattan alright, and now we're at a truck stop next to the beautiful New Jersey Turnpike. Currently working the crowd here and looking for a lift north towards Albany. If anybody wants to take us somewhere, give us a call at 310-494-8058 or just swing on by! Our current location is the blue and green marker on the map up top. It's the Vince Lombardi service area in Ridgefield, NJ.

Scott and Fiddy

Ride Number One

We just got picked up from times square at about 11am from Dave. He got us just out of town and now we're heading North to Albany on the I-95 New Jersey Turnpike. More info, pictures and a video coming as soon as we can.

Hitch50 is officially on the road....

Until now we were just talking big. Now it's time to bring it.

Stay tuned.