Our names are Scotty and Fiddy and we hitchhiked to all 50 state capitols in 50 consecutive days. We started in Times Square on October 10th 2006 and ended in Honolulu on November 28th 2006. It was awesome. Email us: hitch50@gmail.com. Thanks to everyone who made it possible, it was fun! Read about our trip here.

Hitch50 Trailer

Check out the trailer for Hitch50. We're heading to New York City this week to get things going. Gonna be leaving from Times Square in early October. Scotty's hoping Al Roker is there to send us off. While, Fiddy hopes it doesn't rain!

Ride Offers

Hitchhiking to 50 states in 50 days is the hardest and easiest challenge ever. We don't need to do much, just sit in your car and hang out with you. But, without you this would not be possible. So please email us with ANY ride offers at hitch50@gmail.com or call us at 310.494.8058. And keep in mind, we are open to any form of transportation....

And don't forget anyone who gives us a ride recieves a Golden Ticket and entry into a draw. The winer of this draw will fly to our final state capital to party with us and hang out. For free.


Scotty and Fiddy


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Call us! 310-494-8058 We Love attention....not unlike a nice cuddly puppy.

Email us if you have a sore throat and don't want to talk on the phone.


Also, look at the map on the front page. You can see our exact location. Come see us and Fiddy will give you two thumbs up and Scotty will give you a free high five.


The bio section is for you to create, so if there is anything you want to know about us just ask and we'll add it to this bio section.

"Fiddy" also known as Matt Fidler is 24 years old and known for his love of discontinued vehicles. His friends describe him as a walking encyclopeida of random facts and other somewhat usless information. Like the scoring stats for the 1994 Washington Capitals roster. He is also described as an "up and comer". Watch out world here he comes! On a side note, Fiddy has never hitchhiked in his life.

Scotty, or Scott MacDonald isn't as privileged as Fiddy, as he doesn't have a nickname taken from his last name. And he's younger. 23. But he has hitchhiked over 7500 miles in several different countries. He is excited to finally say he's been to every state and hopes to take in the Basset hound convention in Pennsylvania. The only things that scare Scotty is balding at 23 years old and Delaware.

Scotty and Fiddy met have known each other for 12 years and recently graduated College with Business degrees.


If you ask a question frequently enough we'll answer it here.

NOTE: This is not for questions that are only asked every once in a while. Just kidding, we'll try to answer all those ones too.

Please send all questions to hitch50@gmail.com or post a comment in this section.

Question 1: How are you planning to get to Alaska and Hawaii?
The big question most people want to know is how we're going to get to Alaska and Hawaii. So far, we have no idea. But that's what this project is about really; relying on the kindness of strangers. So it only takes one or two awesome people to come up with a scheme to get us to those two states (two of our favorites by the way). We figure if we only need one or two people out of the 6 billion people in the world, the odds are in our favor.

Update: We have already figured out Alaska.

Question 2: Are you going to go to Washington, DC even though it's not a state?
Sure, we'll throw in DC we don't really see any reason to hurry.

Update: DC was awesome.

Question 3: Do rides have to be in a car?
No way! We are open to rides in anything, and when we say anything, we mean anything...Seriously anything! Cars, vans, and trucks are cool too.

Question 4: I hope you guys will shower along the way!!
Not really a question, more of a hope, but lots of people have brought it up. Yes we promise to shower daily. We'll also be sure to be polite, not wear white because it's after labor day and wipe our shoes when we enter (and if necessary leave) your car.

Update: We couldn't resist wearing white, it's just too glorious.

Question 5: Is your route pre-planned?
Not at all. We'll take rides anywhere! As long as we haven't been to that state yet, we're interested. If you want a rough idea of how's well do the last half of the trip check out this napkin.

Mission  Control

Question 6: Where do you stay at night?

About This Site

The rules of Hitch50 are simple. We can't pay for ANY transportation. And we must get a photo in front of every state capitol building in 50 days or less. Most importantly, we must provide reader of our website with original content at least once every day and at least once every state.

What do you get? You get our daily blog posts, videos and photos. If you're one of the people who gives us a ride you get to be in our blog posts, videos and photos. We'll tell your story and the adventures we have with you. Also, you can say you participated in hitchhiking history, by helping us achieve our goal. But wait, there's more, "The Golden Ticket". Every person who gives us a ride receives a golden ticket and is entered into a draw. Near the end of the project, we'll choose one of these names at random. This lucky person will fly to wherever our final state capital is, party with us and hang out. For free. Now, there's a good chance this could be in California, or Hawaii. So how does a free tropical vacation sound?

Why are we doing this? We both just graduated college and didn't exactly pursue the typical business jobs our classmates were chasing, so we needed something to do. Something fun to do, which involved traveling and meeting people and sharing experiences with them. So... we decided to hitchhike to every state capital, in 50 days or less. This gives us the opportunity to meet fun people and see fun places all over the USA. During the process we'll also get the opportunity to neglect sleep, nutrition and exercise for almost two months....which is awesome.

The map at the top of our home page shows our current location, with updates every few seconds. The map comes from the GPS chip in our cell phone, and links our location to this web site. If you zoom in you can see the exact building we're in, or the exact corner we just took on the highway...it's actually really creepy. Click the map to expand it and check out the other features we've added.

The map is great because it let's people know where to find us and that's really what Hitch50 is all about. As much as we're into seeing all the great places we'll visit, we're even more excited to meet the people that will take us to those places. Hitch50 isn't really a project about places; it's about people. Are you one of those people?

Fiddy and Scotty


As far as we know, the map on our site works just like the really high-tech maps back at headquarters in old dectective shows. Exept this time the dot on the map is the good guys. Basically, we have no idea how it works. But our resident geek Heath who helped us out with it knows all about it, so we'll let him explain.

Scotty and Fiddy

The technology that makes the map go is all off-the-shelf. Anyone with $50 and a some prepaid minutes to spare can get in on this.

Several years ago, the Federal Communications Commission required all new cell phones to be equipped with GPS receivers, so that customers can be located by rescue workers. Recently, the software to access the GPS hardware on Nextel phones has become available. This means that a $50 i415 phone can stream location information every 15 seconds to not just 911 call centers, but anywhere you'd like.

Scotty and Fiddy are going to be using this technology over the next 50 days to let everyone know exactly where they are, and what they're up to. By cross referencing their location with Google Maps, we get an up-to-the-minute satellite view. And by throwing some recording equipment into the mix, we'll see America through their eyes as photos, podcasts, and videos appear along their path on the map.

We think that this technology is just in it's infancy, and that it's going to revolutionize the way we think about location. But first, we're going to have some fun with it.

Heath Johns
Resident Geek