Our names are Scotty and Fiddy and we hitchhiked to all 50 state capitols in 50 consecutive days. We started in Times Square on October 10th 2006 and ended in Honolulu on November 28th 2006. It was awesome. Email us: hitch50@gmail.com. Thanks to everyone who made it possible, it was fun! Read about our trip here.
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Big 'State 49' Party in L.A. Monday Nov 27

So we’re just leaving Phoenix now, heading to the Grand Canyon and Vegas Friday, then up to Sacramento, Carson City and into the Bay area on Saturday. After that we’re planning to be in Los Angeles on Sunday evening, and looking for a ride to Hawaii.

The guys from Fermata have stepped up and organized a pretty cool offer, which might just get us there. On Monday night they’ve organized a party at Carpe DM nightclub in Simi Valley, California and we need you there. It’s gonna be a party and a fundraiser, with a percentage of the money made to get us on a plane to Hawaii on Tuesday. It’s an all ages party, and the capacity is 300, so be there early.

If you’re anywhere in the area come on out and lets celebrate 49 done and one to go. Jump shots will be plentiful and the music will be good. So we’ll see you there.

We’re even gonna give away our Scotty and Fiddy shirts to a couple lucky winners. Also, the golden ticket will be drawn soon, and we'll try to get them there.

Where: Carpe DM Bar
When: Monday Nov 27 2006 8:00 PM
Most specific where: 5710 E. Los Angeles Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93063 - map
Cost: $10

Check out the band: Fermata


Anonymous Gordon said...

Have a safe trip! It's a long way up to Carson City. I'll be interested to hear your stories about your no travel day yesterday! Must have been a bit of a nice break in fact. Hope it hasn't costed you too much time.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is more like it! Some fast driving to finish the 49, then Hawaii by Tuesday.
Well done!
(can't wait to read about your adventures in Arizona, though)

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Brad said...

It's a good thing I folded the corners of my golden ticket!

Brad :-)

South Dakota is Cool.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is sweet! I won't be able to make it, but that band must be pretty cool to do this. Hope you make the $$$

-Josh ND

8:17 PM  
Blogger Gelato Chef said...

Wow, you guys will pass the 20,000 mile mark today (you're at 19,979.9 for your overnight in NV). Buona fortuna for the final days of your trip.

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Bradley Laurent said...

Sweet! This will be show you just can’t miss! Fermata is excellent and puts on a GREAT show. Carpe DM is a great place to hang out. Here is hoping you get the funds you need to make to your final stop. See you guys on Monday.

Good Luck!

11:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So if we can't be there tomorrow, can we still help in some way? How best can a girl in the middle of the country support crazy Canadians get to Hawaii?

8:56 PM  

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