Our names are Scotty and Fiddy and we hitchhiked to all 50 state capitols in 50 consecutive days. We started in Times Square on October 10th 2006 and ended in Honolulu on November 28th 2006. It was awesome. Email us: hitch50@gmail.com. Thanks to everyone who made it possible, it was fun! Read about our trip here.
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Hitch50 Trailer

Check out the trailer for Hitch50. We're heading to New York City this week to get things going. Gonna be leaving from Times Square in early October. Scotty's hoping Al Roker is there to send us off. While, Fiddy hopes it doesn't rain!


Blogger Allan Wills said...

Was that a tumble weed, or did Kyle get a haircut off camera by mom?

2:59 AM  
Anonymous Tony said...

Great idea (heard about it over on MetaFilter).

Good Luck.

7:21 AM  
Blogger rb said...

you guys have original, couragous minds. i hope you successfully carry out your goals and enjoy doing it all the way

10:29 PM  

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